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Friday, January 4, 2013


Tonight is our first FNSWF hosted by the lovely Cheryll for 2013.
Why don't you join us? Pop over to Cheryll's to sign up.
I am hoping to put together some of my strawberry quilt....
As I also have a dinner date and a movie date I am hoping to do a little this afternoon and then later on when I come home this evening. So I will be there in bits and pieces.
I have no TimTams or snacks ready as they have all been devoured in great quantities and I have grave fears I shall soon begin to overflow off my Yoga mat on to the floor. Half a plum pudding around ones middle makes Sun Salutations quite a feat. Phew! Downward facing Dog has almost become Lying face down Dog. Still I know I shouldn't and do it every year anyway. But that is the good thing about your Yoga mat it waits for you patiently without judgement of any kind. Thank Goodness! So I think a nice salad for me tonight.

I have finally got to start the new Kate Morton book. I was waiting until my Mum received her copy from me for Christmas and I have to say.....

LOVING it already.
That's it from me. A bit of a tidy up and then off to the movies with No 1 husband. We think we probably see something silly as we feel like a laugh.
So keep the kettle on I shall be by later for a cuppa.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Enjoy your date, hon! I know what you mean about indulging - yikes, I need to break out the exercise bike. But it's worth it! Your strawberries are so gorgeous.

  2. looking for to joining you Michelle,but i was looking forward to those tim tams,lol.xx

  3. Enjoy your day out, will check out what you got done tomorrow. Hugs....

  4. Damn that Christmas food. It always tastes so good and there is always plenty left over that just has to be eaten so it is not wasted!!
    We all feel your pain!!!

  5. Have fun and I'll join you later for a cuppa and stich.

  6. HI Michelle,
    Enjoy your day. I didn't know about FNSWF before, but did sign up now, so thanks for pointing it my way.

  7. Oh I do love how your strawberries are coming together....
    I did have such a laugh at your yoga pose descriptions... how does foldin gyourself into a pretsel go????
    Enjoy your date...


  8. I look forward to your company whenever I get it! Enjoy the date!!! :)

  9. Your strawberry quilt is looking delicious. Enjoy your night out, and we will be waiting for you to join us in the sewing circle.

  10. That cupcake looks almost edible, can't wait to see more. I have download that book onto my kindle so I am ready to read. Still undecided on Kindles as there is nothing like the feel of a book and paper.

  11. your strawberry quilt looked gorgeous, enjoy your dates

  12. I hope you had a lovely dinner and movie date. love your strawberry quilt, so very cute.
    Love your "new" yoga positions.

  13. Thanks for reminding me Michelle, just popped over to sign up.

    Love Kate Morton books, F x

  14. Hope you had a fun evening at the movie and got a few stitches in as well. You know the saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" well I sometimes do when it comes to real books and it is usually the cover that will draw me in for more investigation and that cover has me wanting more ;-)

  15. Hope you had a wonderful night Michelle. That wee icecream is so gorgeous.

    I hear you on the food thing...I weighed myself a day ago and was horrified...

  16. Hope you had a lovely date night! I hear a few books calling me too lol

  17. Looks like lovely Friday night plans. At least you have an acquaintance with your yoga mat :) And salad is yummy, as long as you don't compare it's yumminess quotient to choccies :)


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