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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Easter Weekend

 Hello friends. I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. 

I had a nice quiet 4 days seeing family and relaxing. Happily disposed of some chocolate and Easter Hot Cross buns. I also had quite a readathon. And Stitchathon. Pure indulgence for me.
This one I really enjoyed. The cover grabbed me from the beginning....
And the inside cover....beautiful William Morris design. I loved the mystical tale.
I have been wanting to use the small spool my friend Fiona gave me last birthday. Because I LOVE French General fabric I can never quite throw scraps away. I have tried but failed. So I have a little container of snippets and I felt they would be perfect to save on a Snippet Roll and the little spool would be a good match.
So when I wasn't curled up reading I stitched my new little roll. I came to the conclusion that I would need a dozen to feature all my French General favourites lol!
It was really difficult to photograph so I hope you get the gist.

I think friends I have a bit of an addiction to these lol!
I finished my 2nd Caswell block before I began the spool. I only had a little bit to do on it....looks nicer in real life. Looks all wrinkly in that photo * sigh
Block 3 is underway....just. Such a nice project to stitch.
With all the showery weather we've had lately my Blue Ginger has decided that it would honour me with 3 flower spikes. The Bluebanded bees love the flowers!

OK time for me to be off....sun is shining so laundry awaits.
Thank you to those of you that I cannot reply to for your lovely comments. Each one appreciated x
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Beautiful snippet roll Michelle and lovely to treasure those small pieces of fabric. Your Caswell block is gorgeous too. I love Salley Vickers books but I don't think I have read that one. Just looked it up, fairly recent so it hasnt reached the charity shops yet lol. Have added it to my birthday list. I see she has a new one out this summer. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing Easter. xx

  2. Those spools are so pretty with the French General fabric. There are some really pretty fabrics in the Caswell block. I'm glad you had a nice Easter weekend.

  3. I'm pleased you had a happy and peaceful Easter. We went away in the caravan and the weather was rather cold and windy, not very nice at all.

  4. That book is so pretty with its William Morris pattern inside Michelle. I swooned all over your latest spool on Instagram & here I am swooning again with the bigger pictures 💙🧡 Just absolutely beautiful & makes me want to make another one (!!) xx

  5. lovely roll with your FG fabric snippets. I bought a spool at a vintage market (inspired by your projects) have yet to make a start, have no idea really lol.
    Love your latest Caswell, keep them coming x

  6. What a brilliant little snippet roll, beautifully sewn as always. I'm glad you had a peaceful Easter and all that reading and stitching time sounds very luxurious! xxx

  7. Your snippet roll is so beautiful.... so much to look at in it - lovely. And well done iwth the next Caswell block, mine is just started. A goodly pile of books there too..... xx

  8. You always include such a round up of delightful things in your posts, Michelle. I love Morris prints and love spying it in movies, etc. I'm also a French General fabric fan...have some of those too. I have the Caswell patterns,,, one of these days, sigh. Love seeing yours. Happy Stitching!

  9. always pretty stuff happening seem to be getting through the Caswell b locks fairly quickly.


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