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Saturday, October 15, 2022


 Good morning everyone. Australia has once again been lashed by heavy rains and flooding.....I hope you are safe wherever you are. I really feel for those whose homes have been affected.....some still recovering from the last episode. My little corner of the world so far, has only had to deal with overcast days with the occassional shower. Apparently this is supposed to change this week.

And here's me deciding that I would like to embark upon another slow stitching fabric book decicated to Mother Nature! I am not sure what it is that I find so addictive about this kind of project....but I do!

I have completed the cover...or I think I's hard ro know when to stop!
The other thing I have been keen to try was dying sections of fabric with my watercolour pencils.  I used them on my Sunshine page.....around the sun and in the garden at the bottom....I am also keen to try some more stamping on fabric.
I don't want bright garish colours, more colour washes and I was quite pleased with the result.....I am trying another smaller piece for a moon block. I had a test piece left over from the greens I had used and it seemed to say eucalyptus leaf I featured it in exactly that on another page.
My only dilemma is how many pages is too many? I am going to join the pages back to back with a folded piece of fabric between them to act as a spine. I didn't like the way my work got creased in the other fabric book I made when closed.....anyway I will see how that goes when I decide enoughs enough lol!
This months tag Roulette is still in the pondering stage. So nothing to share yet.
I am not a fan of Halloween but when my littlest Granddaughter handpicked some fabrics and asked me to make her some table centres....I caved! Well you just do don't you lol! I am excited to see her reaction when she picks them up.
She recently lost her little black cat to a congenital heart problem. She was only 2 years old. Miss E was quite devastated about it. I made one with the cat fabric and a regular black she can put the black cat one out all year in her bedroom to remind her of Willow. I have stitched her a little Annie Downs mini stitchery to sit on top as well when I find a frame.

Ages ago I began a Kantha or Kwandi style project (I am never sure which is the correct term)....which consists of scrap pieces of fabric overlapped and quilted with a heavy running stitch to hold it all together....I Youtubed how to a bit and Anorina from Samelias Mum blog was also an inspiration. My result is far from perfect even a bit wonky but I kind of like that effect overall. I think its a nice project for a table runner. It was slow but very relaxing to work on.

Art wise I have been battling on with my little friend and mentor Sandra gave me the advice that I really needed to bite the bullet and really blacken the background as it's supposed to be the backstage blackout and the dancer wouldn't pop until I did! Well let me tell you how scary that is to do when you have hours invested in your efforts to date.....I kept telling myself its only paper and dived in! Eeekkk!
Made such a difference and now I can finally move forward with the dancer ....thankfully I have a pretty bird coming up as a bit of respite from this gal!
So between visits to my husband each day my hands have kept my mind busy for which I am extremely grateful.
Oh and I have a little black visitor keeping me company.....who is pining for his family as he usually does.....he just doesn't get that he is too big to be a lap dog! Staffies get a bad rap but he is the sweetest, sookiest little chappie ever!
I adore when our Native shrubs and trees put on their best finery each year. I snapped this beauty when I was out and about recently. There was a whole stand of about six of them....glorious display! 

The bees were loving gathering all that pollen too. 
I think that's about me caught up folks....take care all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Gosh your fabric Nature book is looking beautiful Michelle. I think your grandaughter will just love her table centres & the sweet stitchery. I am so sorry to read about her black cat. My friend has a Staffie & he is just the biggest marshmellow ever - yes they do get a bad rap but not all are like that. Enjoy the week Michelle. xx

  2. Beautiful bottlebrishes, Michelle.....ours is in full flower at the moment too. Your stitching is very pretty, love the table runner - very 'shabby chic'! It may have taken a leap for you, but darkening the background on your dancer is inspired. Hello to the sookie Staffy!

  3. A lovely start to your new nature book Michelle, so pretty and effective. The watercolour pencils have worked well too. This will be nice to follow along with. I have a book on order that covers something similar so, in time!, maybe I will be making something. Your ballet lady is looking quite gorgeous with her dark background. xx

  4. Oh my! Where do I begin? I am in total awe of everything you have done. I love your Kwandi ???project and have been meaning to make one myself since Anorina had one on her blog but it is still on my 'to do' list. Your dancer is stunning! I love your nature book and the way you have colour washed the sun. The black and white cat fabric is rather lovely and purrfect for your granddaughter to use all year round with that very cute stitchery. Gee, you have done so much! I hope you are coping okay. Many hugs x

  5. Dear Michelle,
    looking forward to your Nature blocks for the book. Cover page looks very pretty. I know Anorina too, she makes gorgous projects as well.

  6. Beautiful work on your journal pages..
    Your GD will love her Halloween mats and the cat stitchery is cute.
    Your Kwandi table runner is lovely and looks great under the vase.
    The Ballerina and gorgeous!
    My Bottlebrush is also in bloom and have finally got my first sweetpea flower.

  7. The beginnings of your fabric book are looking wonderful. I can see that as another rabbit hole that would be easy to fall down. It is very appealing. I will watch with interest as it grows.
    Whatever the name, I do like the Kantha stitching. It creates a lovely effect.
    And those red bottlebrush are simply gorgeous!!

  8. A beautiful post. Your fabric book is going to be another beauty. I love what you have done so far - and the Eucalypt leaf is perfect! How sad about your GD's cat - but lovely stitching for her. I have always loved that cat of Anni Downs! And your drawing - gorgeous of course. Your Kantha stitching looks very good too. Sending you hugsxxxxx


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