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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Good morning from my little sunshiney corner of the world. I  am so enjoying the warmer days....although a bit of the wet stuff has been around too. I think September and October are my favourite months of the year......warm but not yet drowning in humidity!

My Clivias are brightening the corners of my garden at the moment. Even the reluctant ones are budding up! I look forward to them each Spring. My photos don't do the bright orange blooms justice.
As I have now finished my Applecores and need to attach them to some borders....
I needed another hand stitching project to do whilst I visit with my hubby. Having enjoyed making my girls framed hexie runners I thought that would be just the thing. 
Do you have lovely bits of fabric that you just can't bear to cut through? Me too! So I decided for the hexies to do some fussy cutting where I could to highlight some of these treasures.
I have a nice little piece slowing growing and it is so pretty.....some pieces are also friends gifted treasures also. I like that it is easy portable even as it grows, it will fold easily into my sewing bag.

It does extend off the table too. I thought I would try the cream frames instead of a dark one and I quite like them. 
Recently I made a long coveted purchase with encouragement from my hubby......a box of gorgeously smooth Swiss Carandarche Luminance pencils......they are so creamy *sigh
I tried them out on a new project.....a human....yes you heard me correctly NOT a critter! I am not really interested in portraits as such but do like a figure. So that's my challenge for myself.....hoomans as my Granddaughter says!
They go beautifully with my Faber-Castell polychromos pencils. The background is however giving me a great deal of grief and frustration.....It was black in the reference photo and I wasn't keen.....anyway I need to get it sorted so as to continue with the skin tones correctly!  Ah well I did want to challenge myself lol!
I was much more at home with my Rainbow Bee-eater from North Queensland. And I am now calling it finished. So happy to have managed a drawing from the terrible reference photo I had. Frustratingly they are so lightning fast to photograph and Mr. R. tried very hard to capture an image for me.
We had such a fun time.....hilarious at times......hubby was accused of spying on fellow campers with his big camera as he hid behind trees attempting to get a photo for me lol! To say he was mortified is an understatement! So its a very happy memento for me. The photo below is what we ended up with......
Well time for me to go. Another day of savage enjoyment awaits. 
Take care all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. I think you should draw some more Hoomans........

  2. A beautiful fun memory of how hubby got the photo of the Rainbow Bee Eater.
    You've been busy with the Applecores and Hexies...

  3. You have a lovely garden. My garden is practically non existent apart from vegies. Too hard to upkeep, so I admire those who enjoy theirs. I love your framed hexies made from your special fabrics. I always enjoy stitching framed hexies and never knoe where to finish lol. Are you adding half hexies to the sides? Your drawings are beautiful and you have donevan awesome job with your' hooman '. Enjoy your new pencils.

  4. Beautiful stitching, Michelle....I can see why you derive such fulfilment from your garden. Nothing wrong with your hooman, or your bird - especially with those new pencils to play with. Birds can fly so quickly; we were lucky enough to see hummingbirds on our last trip to Canada, but there was no way we could photograph them.

  5. I love the story of hubby's photo adventures! Your artwork is beautiful, Michelle!! Your challenge to try some hooman drawing seems to be very successful.Your hexagaon runner is gorgeous too - a lovely use of the special fabrics.

  6. Applecores looking good and your framed hexies with the cream border are lovely. Your ballet dancer is stunning. xx

  7. Your new pencils sound lovely to work with, Michelle, and the ballet picture coming on beautifully. I love the palette of your apple cores, and it will look great when finished. Now the hexies are gorgeous with the fussy cutting. The runner will be stunning. Your Cliveas are doing you proud with their annual display. Happy stitching. xoxo

  8. "Savage enjoyment?", that's a term I havent heard before. I enjoyed the tale of your hubby creeping around the bushes with his camera in hand, no wonder the campers were upset! Hope they calmed down with the explanation.

  9. Your clivias look wonderful Michelle. I walked to the end of my section to check mine out yesterday & they are flowering away too. Such a pop of colour. Your hexies are beautiful - I think I spy a bit of Tilda that you have fussy cut there. LoVe the story of hubby's camera escapades. xx

  10. I had a giggle over your hubbies photography adventures! What a good man!! Your clivias are beautiful. Lots of lovely projects you have going there.

  11. Dear Michelle,
    wonderful usage of your favorite treasures in a hexagon project. Love your drawings, you are so talented.


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