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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Times They are a Changing

You may have wondered why your lovely comments have gone unanswered. Well huge changes are happening with EUROPEAN GDPR which effects privacy. We seem to have a glitch effecting many blogs with regards to notification of comments through email which is how I know you left me one....hopefully it will be resolved soon. I did read each and everyone so thank you.
I also must advise you that I have a PRIVACY POLICY now in my top gadget bar which you should read. This policy covers this blog and also my Nature of Art blog too.
Ok! Now that is all out of the way I shall share what I have been up to.
I used "Big Bertha" as she is affectionately now named and completed the top of my 2016/2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.
Using the old stash was definitely a challenge but I got there and whilst may not be a perfect choice I am very glad to have completed the challenge.
I had enough pink to do a narrow border but not enough of anything remotely suitable for the 2nd I dived back into the stash and cut a whole bunch of
4 1/2 inch squares....... I think it works.
I added a little square of the background cream in each corner and appliqued a chocolate kind of add balance to the quilt.
So No. 5 on the UFO CHALLENGE list is done.....hopefully I might get the one before done before the next meeting!
It has gotten a little cooler up here which has allowed mevto FINALLY get my Baltimore into the quilting hoop.
Lots of little stitches are appearing and I am enjoying hand quilting once again......seems so long.

I have been hankering for an old rusty wheelbarrow to grow some succulents in and am still the mean time I have potted up some supplies.

I am even trying the propagation method I have heard about using some of  the leaves.....hmmmm time will tell.
We also got a few vegies planted in the vegie patch.....
So that's it from me. Hopefully I shall be able to get backing to replying to you in the near future. Fingers crossed!
I have a new Art post HERE if you are so inclined.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle, hopefully it all gets sorted soon! Would you believe I left 2 rusty old wheelbarrows behind at Bundalong when we moved as the truck was already full so some things had to be left!

  2. Your Baltimore basket is beautiful, Michelle.

  3. Such lovely old quilts, Michelle! No doubt there will be a rusty old wheelbarrow in your future soon.....perhaps even left by the side of the road just waiting for you to come along.

  4. Hope you find your old barrow soon. I have a cement / paint covered one with no wheel so propped up with bricks and have flowers in it.
    Nice to see you enjoying Big Bertha.
    Your Baltimore basket is lovely.

  5. Your finished quilt looks so pretty! Oh, I have three rusty old barrows back "home" that my husband would love to take to the tip.. pity we don't live closer, you could have one!! xx

  6. Your work is beautiful. The basket is gorgeous :)

  7. Wow Michelle, that basket is incredible!

  8. I think your border is perfect with those square. Your quilt is wonderful and your basket block is amazing. Well done!

  9. Good to hear you are using Big Bertha Bernina - I do hope you are beginning to enjoy it>
    lovely work.
    My husband likes to re purpose old wheelbarrows too.

  10. your scrap border is perfect for the RSC ... goes with the theme too.... your handquilting will do well now winter is looming .... good luck with the succulents... my 'leaves' have teeeny babies growing...

  11. oh, if you tick the notification box on your blog the comments will come to you by email, but they will be no reply but you probably have most peoples emails in your contact list...

  12. I do Blogger gets its act together for you.
    Well done getting your top complete. And looking great. And good luck with the quilting task.
    Those plants are looking healthy. Enjoy the cooler days.

  13. Your RSC looks great Michelle - the squares border works really well as do the little hearts. Nice work on the gardening front! xx

  14. Good on you for finishing your RSC top. Have fun playing with your Baltimore. We are blessed to have an old barrow. Mick found it at the tip about 30 years ago. It had flowers in it, then was our firewood barrow for about 20 years and is now back to having flowers. I do hope you find one soon. The comments situation is rather frustrating. Like many, I hope it gets sorted soon and this isn’t the new normal.

  15. Enjoyed catching catching up with what you have been upto Michelle

  16. Love your #5 project Michelle; it looks stunning! I love succulents so a wheelbarrow filled with them would be magnificent ��

  17. Beautiful work Michelle.

    I'm quite confused about the Privacy Policy thing... I've clearly missed some important info from Blogger, in my absence from blogland... is there a template or something we're supposed to use for creating our own Policy?

  18. Another nice post :-)
    And no, there hasn't been very much help from Blogger re Privacy. I managed to put something together, and it is now as a separate page on my blog. It is time to get on with life! LOL
    Lets hope they sort out the mess with emails soon, apparently they are working on it! ;-)

  19. Red tape...what a pain... but necessary I suppose.
    Nice to see you again...xox

  20. Oh dear! Are we supposed to have the Privacey thingo on our blogs? No idea how or where to find it. Lots of lovely plants there and your stitching projects are beautiful as always.


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