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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday Roundup

Sunday saw hubby and I take a little road trip up the M1 to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. We went to meet friends to visit the Art Gallery there.

It is a lovely gallery with a lush little tropical garden and walkway. The reason for our visit....the  Holmes Art Prize for Realistic Bird Art. 39 exquisite pieces of art.
I am sharing it on this blog because sometimes 2 loves come together. One of the finalists was Bernadine Hine. Her beautiful piece was a textile mixed media.....
"Bush Stone Curlew"
My photos don't do it justice.  A bit of a close up. It was amazing and so lifelike!
The winner was this piece by Brett Jarrett "The Prospectors " I could not take my eyes off the tree. Amazing!
My teacher was also a finalist and it was great to see it hanging there.....
"Family Gossip" by Sandra Temple.
It was very hard to chose a favourite but this one was close.....the feeling you got looking at it was could almost feel the cool and damp! Little delicate dew drops on the ferns and the birds.....beautiful!
"Sanctuary " by James Hough
I would have taken many more photos but I was trying to be sneaky, thinking it was not permitted......found out was lol!  Serves me right! It is such a wonderful space and sadly we found out that the 'powers that be' have decided they don't want to support Realistic Art here next sad as it is always well supported.......*sigh* It appears people aren't interested, or so the story I don't know what the steady stream of visitors were doing there with us, in awe of the gorgeous art???
We finished off our time there together with a delicious lunch not too far away. A very enjoyable way to spend the day.
I have been stitching my Christmas ornies for our arty Christmas event which may or may not come to fruition but I am stitching just in case. I have a few finished. I used several designs.....some from my POCKET MINIS, some from my AUSSIE CHRISTMAS DECOS and a couple I drew up to suit my purpose.
I have also made some tiny hexie ones about 1 inch hexie.....these I just drew up to fit.
I have a couple of felt ones cut out to do next. I can feel the Christmas spirit slowly overtaking me and it feels very nice!  I have resisted jinglingso far. Might have to dust off the tree soon.
I hope you are enjoying your week so far.
I loved this graphic by Red Tractor on Facebook this week. Don't know why....just did!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I would love to see an exhibition like that..... Never get the chance......
    Lovely ornies.....

  2. Beautiful Michelle - those birds just seem to pop off the canvas at you!!

  3. magical birds on canvas and fabric!

  4. So much talent! Pity they have chosen not to run it any more. Hoping you would enter one of your beautiful bird artwork oneday. Lovely Christmas stitching happening there. Love the teeny hexies.

  5. Hi Michelle what a wonderful exibition,love your xmas decorations,well done,Namaste my friend xx

  6. The art works are so lovely and I'm sure you had a great day. Your stitching, as always, is wonderful.

  7. Wow those paintings were awesome, I love Caloundra. Your little stitcheries are just so pretty, goodluck and hope you sell out. Take care, Guida.

  8. What a wonderful display and so sad to hear it will not be backed for next year. That is a shame.
    Lovely Christmas decs on the go - you can never have too many.

  9. What a lovely exhibition Michelle, and you must have enjoyed it very much. Those birds in the ferns are so beautiful, and the bush stone curlews are wonderfully painted. They always intrigue me because we hear them calling at night quite often. You have been a busy stitcher, turning out all those cute ornaments. They are a bit addictive, I must say I have found. xxx

  10. The art is amazing! I am in awe of anyone (you included!) who can make something so incredibly lifelike.

  11. Beautiful art Michelle. The quilted piece is gorgeous and the one that looks like a hologram is amazing! Hopefully somewhere else will host next year. xx

  12. Lovely photos. It would be a shame if they discontinued the art gallery.

  13. fantastic art works.... you must have loved seeing them all... hope they find a place to display. I love your ornies ... yo might have to open an online shop!!

  14. Beautiful art works, what a shame they will not be there next year, hopefully someone else picks the show up. Your decorations are beautiful.

  15. A wonderful day out Michelle amidst such gorgeous artworks. It looks like it would have been very hard to pick a favourite. Cute little ornies...nice to hear you are getting into the Christmas spirit..such a lovely time of the year!

  16. Wow, those tiny hexies! Sooo cute! I think I need new glasses before I tackle something that little :) xx

  17. Beautiful work Michelle, The artwork is gorgeous such a shame it won't be there next year.

  18. Wonderful exhibition. Glad you got some piccy. Just adore your xmas decos. Keep well.😍🤗

  19. I am glad you visited such a great exhibition, Michelle. Your stitched hexies are adorable. Kisses, my friend.


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