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Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Stitchy Kind of Week

Sunday saw me catching up with the Sunday Stitchers girls for our monthly get together. A very nice time was had by all. I worked on my hand quilting and over the last couple of nights got it all done....
Only a sneaky....I will show you when it goes to its owner.
We had two birthdays Susan and Alison....
Alison had show and tell......her first blocks in Ruths quilt stitch along.
Yours truly flashing my Angel quilt...
A very nice day!
I have put all my RSC blocks out to see what they look like together.
Borders need contemplation now.
Yesterday was stitching day and I worked on my clamshells at friend Kays. I now have 14 rows done....
So today with the men in the family off to cheer on the Aussie cricket team (except our poor SIL....England supporter) I continued making clamshells.
The next row ready.....
All pinned on and ready to applique down...
My perfect companion for a little DVD watching.
My gift for SSCS is ready, wrapped and going on Santa's sleigh tomorrow.
Finishing up todays post by sending love and healing hugs to my dear friend Lorel.
Get well soon! We have stitching to do xxx
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely post Michelle, your clamshells are looking wonderful, you are making great progress. Loved the flash of your angel quilt! The RSC blocks look wonderful too. Lots happening at yours.

  2. Gosh your clamshells & all your stitching look just beautiful Michelle. Love what you create. Adore that Angel quilt!!

  3. My you have been busy Michelle. Hi to your lovely Angel quilt, and what a fabulous lot of clamshells you have there. xx

  4. Nice sneak peek.. lovely to join the Sunday Stitchers ,great show and tell.
    The RSC blocks look good and beautiful clams shells...
    Good to have your SSCS ready for Santa's sleigh...

  5. Good morning Michelle - listening to the cricket as I write!Sadly not going all our way! Your men will be happy. The RSC blocks are looking great all together like that and I love the clamshells. xx

  6. Good morning my friend ,your birdie project is so cute,love your clam shells and boy up to row 14 well done.
    Your angel quilt looks fantastic and happy birthday to Susan and Alison.
    Hope your friend is feeling better Michelle,Namaste and blessings xx

  7. Your angel quilt is gorgeous. Love your RSC blocks & your clamshells. Hugs,xx

  8. Lots of production going on. The clam shells are looking fabulous.

  9. Wow ....
    Your work is beautiful....and plentiful.
    What a lovely catch up today. 😍🤗

  10. What lovely stitching you are doing - looking forward to seeing some of your secret sewing..... love the clamshells.... and your angel looks lovely hanging up on you!

  11. Beautiful flash of the Angel quilt, I love those soft colours you have used. Beautiful looking clamshells too..14 rows sounds like a lot of work done :-) Nice to see your RSC blocks all laid out too - I'm wondering how you will tackle borders?


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