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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello Winter

Apparently today is the first day of Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. But as you can see we are having a lovely Queensland Winter morning, with sunshine streaming through my window...
I guess working on my little Frosties is a perfect match for the start of the Winter season......I have finished one...
And working on the second.
As I knew I would need more of CGT Blue Wren I popped online and ordered some from Fabric Not only were they an Aussie company but a Queensland one as well. Yesterday my little purchase arrived and they had popped 2 pretty charm squares in as a thank nice is that.
They went straight in my clamshell tin as I am aiming for that vintage type look for my clamshells and need lots of variation.
On the drawing front I have been working on some heart projects...this one for a family member who resides overseas and doesn't read my blog so I can share.
This is wee Tinker who has gone over the rainbow bridge...he was a Yorkshire Terrier. Most beloved by his owner.
Wasn't he cute!
Well I must dash. I am off to have an afternoon coffee with a bunch of blood suckers lol! My old work collegues. We have kept this ritual for about 9 years...great women!
We do it about every 2 months.

Stay cosy.....or cool!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a beautiful picture of Tinker! xx

  2. Tinker's picture is gorgeous. Hugs, xx

  3. Your stitchery is looking wonderful Michelle, you are a speedy stitcher!! Tinkers picture is beautiful, that will be very special to the owner.

  4. Happy snowmen to you. Winter is slow coming here..........sadly as it is my favourite season!

  5. I love your beautiful doggy drawing. Snowmen are coming along nicely. Can you please send some sun down here?

  6. wow Michelle I'm not sure which is more gorgeous the stitcheries or the painting. Love them both. Take care. Guida

  7. Hi Michelle,it's freezing down our way ,love your frostiness,can't wait to see what you do with them.
    It was good to chat to you my friend,enjoy your evening xx

  8. Love the blues in those threads and your stitcheries are lovely. Beautiful drawing as well. It's pretty cool here in Sydney too for the second day of winter.

  9. The picture you've drawn of Tinker is beautiful, Michelle.
    I love that quote (how very true) and funily enough Blue Wren is my favourite CG thread.
    Happy winter dear gal. xx

  10. Blue Wren is perfect for your frosties. And lovely work with your drawing. Hope you enjoyed your time wit friends.

  11. Tinker is gorgeous.. maybe he and Bayley are frolicking on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Hope so. Winter has hit here in Vic with top temps of 14 degrees. DD2 will freeze next time she visits. Love all your work

  12. Winter has really hit in the Mountains, brrrr. That drawing of Tinker is so beautiful. It's such a special gift for your friends.


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