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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Not Much Stitching.

I have done a little bit of stitching on Brinton Hall...but not much.
No Splendid Samplering to speak of either. I have been giving my pencils a good work out though. It is like "different but the same"! You see I took some references shots whilst at Dubbo zoo of the sweetest Koala Mama and her bub and have been trying to draw them in more of a natural setting. The thing is that I couldn't decide which shot to use so I have begun 2 different you do! The first is further along...still a bit to go....more leaves and fine detailing.
The second just begun....the prelim sketch...

Onto the beautiful Archers paper and progress finally. I have had to invent portions of this one because Mama in the photo had her face buried in the tender leaf tips.
Lots more to do. It's been lovely remembering these sweeties. I can't leave them alone! So much so I have sore shoulders....I think some quiet hexies might be in order for a break. I could do housework? Nah! Hexies sound better.
Yesterday I shot up the Darren Lockyer Way to deliver a friend's lovely quilts to my friend FIONA FROM BUBZRUGZ We meet halfway at a little country town we like and had a very nice catchup, coffee and a good old chinwag.
Of course a selfie or 3 was in order. But unfortunately I fail selfies everytime lol!
So of course you just get silly! Lol!
Happy birthday to nice to have friends to be silly with.

Enjoy your day,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Lol lovely to see you girls having fun,wish i was with you both then my ears wouldnt be burning,lol.
    Love your Koala Michelle and loved the kingfisher you had drawn for Fiona,you are a very clever lady.
    And a big happy birthday to our lovely Fiona,hip hip hooray.xxxx

  2. Lovely to see your koala works in progress. It is hard to have so many interests and have each one pulling you to spend time on the.
    Great way that you and Fiona get to catch up!

  3. Your drawings are lovely! Koalas are such sweet creatures - I can see why you are drawn to draw them. (:))

  4. Your drawings are wonderful, Michelle!

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when you and Fiona get would be a hoot.

  5. I really envy your flair for drawing . I just want to pick a pencil and start sketching when I see your drawings. LOvely pics of you both. Looove that cake.

  6. That's a gorgeous cake. What fun

  7. Your little koala's are just lovely. I do like baby holding on tight to his bunch of leaves.... Was so fun catching up... the time goes way too fast...
    Lovely cake ....

  8. Your selfies look good! Love your koala delightful!

  9. What a gift you have Michelle, your drawings are beautiful. Love the fun photos with Fiona.

  10. Working on your pretty hexies is much better than housework!
    Such cute Koalas 🐨
    Love your selfies and Fiona is a fun lady.

  11. I love your Koalas, Michelle! (That's why I have several projects on the go at once too - can never decide which one to do first!) It seems that you and Fiona had a lovely meeting - looks like there were a few laughs to be had too!

  12. in awe of your th4e sefies hehehe

  13. You selfie so well! Love your koalas.

  14. Love your koalas...coming to life beautifully. I can just see you and Fiona talking and having fun. Hexies anytime over housework....xx


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