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Monday, February 13, 2017


It's been a  bit of a heatwave in the Eastern States of Australia of late. So swimming and quiet stitching has been the best options for keeping cool. Yesterday I worked on another Splendid Sampler block. Fluer de leis. I used my French General fabric with this motif for it. I have been needleturn appliquing any applique blocks in Splendid Sampler but this one certainly took all my needleturning skill and even then there are a few iffy bits....glad I  persevered all the same.
I also got the 3rd row on my clamshells.....
I have also chosen the border fabric for this quilt, so no turning back now lol!

Very, very addictive are these little things!
Last week was our oldest Grandson's birthday and Saturday we had a family celebration. Of course there was delicious cake and I love our 2 cake monsters waiting in the wings for the candles and cutting the cake to be over, so taste testing could begin lol!
My daughter loves photography and recently received a new underwater camera.
The kids were only too happy to oblige Aunty Melissa with some underwater shots lol!

They thought it was great. DD was threatened with all manner of harm if she came near her Mother with it though lol!
It was a very enjoyable cool way to beat the heat and celebrate another milestone!
Last word...huge congratulations to my dear friend Diane and her family on the safe arrival of their new Granddaughter.
Such happy news!
Happy Monday people.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. It has been very ht here too. Nicer today and last night, thank goodness. Your Splendid Sampler applique looks great. It was a tricky one.

  2. Great job keeping up with most of the SS blocks and I see the last one is easy..
    Been hot and humid here and I love my morning swim, cools the core for the day.
    Love the photos of the kids especially the underwater ones...

  3. Cake testing is a very important job! Your clamshells look very interesting and I am curious to see the finished quilt. Love your applique block too, it's much better than anything I could do - because you get much more practice.

  4. I have been very remiss about keeping up with my Splendid Sampler blocks. I get bored quie easily and start new projects!
    Love the underwater photos of your grandchildren. Its the only place to be in this hot weather. At least its a bit cooler in Sydney today but apparently there is more heat on the way.

  5. Lovely work and what a great way to celebrate a b'day on a very hot day. Take care, Guida

  6. Hi my lovely friend,we are back to being Chillarat,heater on here,lol.
    What a fun birthday ,happy birthday to your little man xx

  7. Lovely applique and your clamshells are growing beautifully!
    Great underwater pics, love the black and white too.

  8. Happy you managed the SS block. What a fun way to enjoy birthday photos and the heat too. You do so well sticking with those clam shells

  9. Thankfully we are having cooler weather here yesterday and today. Love your SS block, well done on persevering, it looks amazing. Love the underwater photos, such fun for the grandies. The clamshells are going well that is a pretty fabric yiu have chosen for the border.

  10. Preciosas las piezas de su quilt. Y las fotos de los niños bajo el agua, encantadoras. Se ve que disfrutaron mucho. Un beso

  11. Love the patchwork, it's beautiful. The underwater camera is brilliant and such good fun!

  12. Michelle you certainly haven't let the heat stop you stitching some lovelies. Love the gifts you have ready for Diane's new granddaughter...those little slippers are sooooo cute! What an amazing camera...great photos taken by your DD.

  13. Hi Michelle - oh the heat in the East has been terrible - and now a bushfire has all but wiped-out an entire little town. Goes to show how big OZ really is, that one side has deadly heat & the other has rain for days & flooding.!

    Lovely work on the needleturn, it sure looks tricky, but of course you turned it beautifully! x

  14. Such beautiful pics of your grandchildren. I love your appliqued block! I am thinking I may "need" to make some clam shells myself. Just trying to finish the 100 other projects on the go LOL. Congrats to your friend on he arrival of her grandchild. My first grandy is due next week. It is cool here at the moment. Had the heating on yesterday and today. The drop in temp has triggered all my aches and pains. GRrrr.

  15. lovely sewing and a great celebration.... the pictures are fun and swimming is perfect for this revolting weather...

  16. Your pool must be such a bonus in this hot weather! And what fun with the camera!
    Glad you were able to get a bit of stitching done considering the heat.
    And happy birthday wishes to your grandson.


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