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Friday, June 3, 2016

Progress and 6 is a Big Number

I have really loved stitching the latest Splendid Sampler block designed by Jenny-of-Elefantz....sweet, sweet stitchery!
I was wondering now that we are past 30 blocks what they looked like together.
Must say that I am loving them...the touch of French General blue is coming through nicely....seeing as my challenge is to only use my French General stash I am really hoping that the blues hold out.
When June comes a calling it means a great big Happy Birthday to my youngest Grandson Cooper....big no.6! He is our little naturalist and fellow pencil wielder.
So pizza and cake features later in my day! Lots of love and Happy Birthday Coops xx
June also brings my dear Grandmother closer to me and strange as it sounds pink carnations,  her favourites always cross my path.....these did just that yesterday.
Aren't they lovely.
It's pretty dreary here today and rain is forecast for the weekend.....I am  hoping to pop by and join all the fun over at Chookyblues for her 4th birthday celebration for her creative Chookshed.
You can drop by to to check out the highjinks.
Enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It looks great to see all your blocks together. They are wonderful.
    And Happy Birthday, Cooper.

  2. Your blocks look great all together like that and you have stitched up Jenny's super quick! Beautiful carnations - a lovely way to remember. xx

  3. Beautiful stitchery you have done! Happy birthday to Cooper...lovely to remember your grandmother that way. Your SS blocks look fantastic, you must be very happy!

  4. Happy Birthday to Cooper, your blocks are just lovely. I love Jenny's stitchery and you have made it come alive. Thanks, Guida.

  5. Hope Cooper had a great day. Happy birthday. Love the splendid sampler all together.

  6. Lovely stitchery, your SS blocks look fabulous! The grandkids sure grow up quick, glad you have time with them.

  7. Boy that SS block is going to take me ages.. I'm really not a stitcher like this... Happy birthday the carnations. Enjoy your flowers and have a great sewing weekend

  8. Happy birthday wishes to Cooper! We have rain forecast this weekend, too.....possibly even flooding, it sounds like a doozy. Your blocks are lovely together!

  9. Love your blocks and gorgeous fabrics. Look forward to sewing with you this week end.

  10. Your blocks look fabulous Michelle. Hugs,xx

  11. lovely blocks and lovely Cooper... enjoy being 6....

  12. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. I hope you have a great time Sewing today.
    Kathleen Mary

  13. Love the stitchery and the flowers. It's great being 6, what a wonderful age.

  14. Your SS Blocks are looking fabulous together Michelle, I am falling behind as I am having too much fun with Toni's book.
    The kids just grow up sew quickly.How nice Coops likes pencils too.
    I am also sewing along with Chooky and friends..

  15. Your SS blocks are looking amazing Michelle. Big happy birthday to your darling grandson

  16. Your sampler blocks do indeed look splendid Michelle, and the blue adds just the right accent. Happy Birthday to your little man, and I love your pink carnations - and the jug that holds them too :) xx

  17. Good morning my lovely friend ,sorry i have missed this post somehow.
    Happy Birthday to your handsome young man Cooper,the party food sound like fun.
    Wow Michelle your blocks are looking fantastic and they go so well together,enjoy your sewing day today my friend :)


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