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Monday, August 3, 2015

Tea and Cakes at City Hall

One of my fondest childhood memories was on a very special occassion I would accompany my Grandmother for a very special morning tea or lunch at a quaint Tea and Cake shop called The Shingle Inn. I always had a chocolate malted milk (in a huge glass) and a butterfly cake. It was a Brisbane icon. I in turn took my own daughter as a special treat. Several years ago due to redevelopement in the City precinct it was closed. We were so sad to see it go. Thankfully all the furniture, fittings and accompaniments were saved. So when it was decided to recreate it in it's original form within the refurbished City Hall I was thrilled....and accepted my daughter's invitation for a little birthday celebration on Saturday with joy.
 It was delightful. So many memories came flooding back. I was truly spoilt with High Tea.
We also took a tour up the clock tower...something I always wanted to do.
Right up there where those columns are.....loved the view.
DD giving me I- phone photo taking instructions...think I failed and took about 20 in one go lol!
We toured the Museum which was great...especially seeing all the old photographs of the city and surrounds...apparently the display changes periodically. We couldn't view the domed roof as unfortunately there was a function time! I bought a little gift for myself as a memento...very sweet earrings and a book the spotty bag that they came in.

There was only one thing left to do and that was to give one of the big bronze lions which mark the entrance to City Hall a pat....I remember being hoisted up there as a child...they seemed huge!
Just a little boring fact. Mr R. and I used to meet here when we were courting and both worked in the city. I can remember rushing to get there and not be late....ain't love grand! Such a lovely day.
Not a lot of stitching has been going on but I have been very diligent with my hand quilting.
Not long until I can quilt the final border which will probably end up a large meandering design because I will be getting over it by then.
Happy Monday everyone.
Namaste and Blesssings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Oh such a lovely day out and to be able to relive those wonderful memories.
    just love your quilt.will be great to see it finished.

  2. Lovely memories Michelle, for you and your Daughter.
    Your Quilting is lovely, the Quilt will be beautiful, looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Hugs R.

  3. Two pretty girls, having tea. What a special birthday treat Michelle. xx

  4. What a lovely thing to be able to do together!! Wonderful mother and daughter time!

  5. Lovely pics of you and your daughter. She is as beautiful has her mum. Wonderful way to spend the day.Happy Birthday! Love your quilting. The cafe in City Hall reminded me of the cafe in Belfast's City Hall we had lunch at.

  6. What a trip down Memory Lane, Michelle! (My mum used to order the pikelets at Shingle Inn...5 on a plate...3 for her and 2 for me! I felt it should be the other way round! Lol)

  7. what a lovely day of older and newer memories.
    How special.
    Happy quilting.

  8. What a wonderful birthday treat Michelle.

  9. Great day out...and wonderful memories with your dd.

  10. Hi Michelle,wow such lovely pics and lovely times with your gorgeous girl,how wonderful to be sharing high tea,thankyou for sharing your wonderful day xx

  11. Dear Michelle,
    such a perfect day, love how old things bring memories to live.

  12. A lovely birthday treat. We really enjoyed wandering around Brisbane when we were there, some beautiful old buildings.

  13. Great day out for you both. Hugs,xx

  14. what a lovely day and treat for you....

  15. It sounds like a lovely day out Michelle, new memories and old all mingling together.


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