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Saturday, August 8, 2015

FNWF.....all Hexied Out

Last night saw me cosied down in my favourite chair and stitching along with my other blogging friends for
I worked away at my big hexies. I basted enough for several flowers.
and stitched another on to ones already together.
I didn't quite get another flower together before I toddled off to my lovely bed....
I thought after putting a couple together that I need a little more variety and I know I have some bits and bobs in the same kind of style so today I will hunt them out and see what they look like.
Thanks Cheryll for having us at your place once again.....I'll be popping in over the weekend to see what gorgeousness you all produced.
Speaking of hexies......I finished some more of tiny ones for Roma's quilt on Thursday...
I had lovely company while I stitched them. My lovely friend from up on the mountain....Fiona from Bubzrugz came for a visit....
Such a nice way to spend the day.....chatting and stitching, the odd cuppa thrown in. However....there I was boasting to Fiona that I had finished all my little hexie flowers for the next round, when she went home and I laid them all out...
I have only done enough for two sides.....I do not know why I thought I had done enough?????
Luckily I enjoy them because I have a whole lot more to do. I tell you who ever designed this pattern was a "nong" lol!
A little bit of art before I go...I finally finished my giraffe...Mr Inquisitive! I definitely got to learn a lot on this piece....but I love last. It took a while.
I fancy some feathered friends for my next project.
Enjoy your weekend
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Your giraffe is wonderful. The eyes are so expressive. Good that you enjoy hexies.. I covered 28 x 1/2" ones yesterday for Miss Elizabeth and that was enough.

  2. I love your giraffe! And because of your last post about hexies, I started a small new hexie project. Just love making those darn things.

  3. I just love hexies--- they are addictive. How lovely to have Fiona come and sew along with you. Nothing better than sewing and chatting with a friend.

  4. love the look of all your hexies... what a laugh that you havent done enough of the little ones!!! haha... Oh I forgot to have a look at your giraffe... he's so lovely

  5. Your giraffe is amazing, so lifelike and I agree about the eyes, brilliant

  6. Gorgeous giraffe and hexies !!

  7. gorgeous hexies!
    what a great way to spend the day...stitching with Fiona.
    your gifaffe is amazing, well done!!

  8. Beautiful giraffe & hexies there Michelle. I am craning my neck looking at all your gorgeous cushions on your sofa where Fiona is sitting stitching too :-)

  9. Loving your hexies and your giraffe is such a cutie! isn't it lovely to be able to spend time with like-minded friends :) Barb.

  10. Your hexies are looking good! Lovely giraffe.....several years ago we went 'behind the scenes' at Dubbo zoo into the giraffe area, so interesting. Oh well - half the border hexies done is better than none done!

  11. You have a fine display of hexagons! As for the Giraffe, he's beautiful!

  12. Hello Michelle,

    Love the hexies you are working on, especially the rose ones. Great to have Fiona stitching along with your for the day. Gosh the Giraffe is fantastic Michelle.

    Happy days.

  13. Dear Michelle,
    lovely hexies and great project for Friday night sewing.

  14. Beautiful hexies Michelle!! So nice to have Fiona for a visit! Love the giraffe!

  15. Oooo, loooovely hexies! Your giraffe is rather handsome.

  16. Hi Michelle wow you sure have been busy ,love your hexies and boy Mr Giraffe sure looks terrific,well done my clever friend and I am so glad you had the chance to spend the day with Fiona xx

  17. lots of lovely hexies Michelle.
    Sew nice to be able to stitch along with Fiona. I hope to do sew soon too....

  18. You will be dreaming of hexies in your sleep - they are so beautiful. Your giraffe is amazing - looks like the real thing..

  19. Your hexies look great...and your giraffe...talented.

  20. So wonderful and romantic hexies.
    And a wonderful blog.
    Greetings from Germany

  21. Such pretty hexies Michelle and so lovely to have Fiona come for a visit too. Your giraffe is amazing - you make things seem so lifelike

  22. Such pretty fabrics. A great night with friends.

  23. Your hexies are very pretty Michelle. How lovely spending the day with Fiona.

  24. Oh, I love those pink and blue hexies Michelle, so pretty. As for your giraffe, it is simply stunning! Beautifully drawn, you must be very pleased with it. They are just about my favourite animal :) xx

  25. Great post Michelle. Your hexies are so pretty... maybe the quilting fairies stole some of them and that's why you don't have enough! lol Lovely to have Fiona to sew along and chat with. Mr Inquisitive is stunning.... you have such talent! xxx


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