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Monday, June 29, 2015

Soooo Close!

Hello everyone from rainy old Brisbane town today. I thought while I had a bit of a break from my mind exploding instructions and such I would pop in and say G'day! You may remember the "Michelle's Long Term  Secret Sewing" project...
Well I just thought seeing as I am getting very excited about it's reveal, I would tease you as well. This is soooo close to being able to be revealed to you that I am finding it very hard to keep quiet. So this was the next best thing lol! Watch this space lovely stitchers!
As you all know there has been a bit going on around here lately but children having fun always make you smile. Our youngest Grandson had his first ever sports day...they were so cute!
Ready for a fast getaway!
Jumping very high in the high know just to make sure that you clear that bar!
What could be more fun than a chicken relay?
Thank to all my FB friends who shared our pleasure about this little minx...
getting really good developmental results...may they continue!!! Feeling blessed!
Apart from lots of hard work which will become apparent in the next little while, I have found great comfort and peace with my needle and quilting thread...
 I just love the quiet rhythm of hand quilting.
 Thank you lovely friends for all your words of encouragement and support recently. It meant so much. I for one am going to carry on with hope and positivity in my heart that all will be well and get back to more cheery posts.
Have a lovely rest of your day everyone.
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful stitching & quilting there Michelle. Your sneaky peeks are always so tempting. Lovely photos of your grandchildren. Hope things improve for you very soon - sending cyber hugs to you x0x0 (p.s LoVed the chicken relay - how gorgeous)

  2. glad you are sustained by the positives too. I hope things continue to improve for your family.
    I think that chicken relay should be an olympic event and that was some mighty high jumping!

  3. Hi Michelle,i was just laughing at what Marina said about the chicken relay becoming an olympic sport,,i think so to,what fun everyone would have,lol.
    Oh Michelle your sneaky peaks lookso exciting,cant wait to see it all.
    Glad to see the family happy,i hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  4. I just love the 'chicken' relay......what fun! Lovely stitching too Michelle.....keep on being positive....I believe it is the best way to deal with things.

  5. Sports day looked like fun, especially the chicken relay! Sometimes life sends us mighty big curve balls and they are not pleasant but keep up the positive thoughts and know you have much love and support surrounding you. Take care.

  6. I like your little looks like a place where one could live, and not be troubled by anything! Such lovely hand quilting, too. A chicken relay sounds like fun, and I am glad to hear your little one is doing well.

  7. Good news makes our heart sing doesn't it!
    Love your quilt...can't wait to see it in full... Xox

  8. Hugs and best wishes. You have some happy little people that love you! Lovely sneaky peeks.

  9. That little house is adorable! and I love your quilting. Happy photos. xx

  10. Love that little house - and notice a sweet holly touch, very festive. School sports have improved - we never had a chicken relay! What fun for the kids. Pink rose is perfection! xx

  11. Love the houses & your quilting. Fun watching the kids at sports. Hugs, xx

  12. Those babies look like they are having a wonderful time. Your quilts are always beautiful and love the hand quilting (especially when it is someone else doing it) lol...

  13. Little kids having fun is one of life's real joys. Beautiful stitching too.

  14. Fabulous reveal, and such a tease! Wonderful to see the sweet!

  15. Sending hugs your way Michelle. Excited to see the reveal.... Enjoy your stitches :-)

  16. I cant wait for the big reveal.

    Sports day looks like it was a lot of fun , and just the right amount of competitive.

    Happy to sense that things at your place have been better and good news has been featuring in your days.

  17. so glad things are on the up in so many different things... I did laugh at that gentle grasp of the chicken!

  18. I'm so looking forward to the big reveal Michelle. I've never seen on of those chicken races before!

  19. Your stitching is always so wonderful to see. Exciting work.
    Love seeing the kids at play. I agree - it always makes you smile.

  20. Hello Michelle,

    I have never seen a chicken race before, most interesting. Is it a Queensland thing????
    Enjoy that last bit of stitching.

    Happy days.

  21. The secret sewing looks lovely. The chicken race looks interesting...

  22. Looking forward to the big reveal.....very your quilting, so good that it gives you peace. Just what you need at present. I agree with Marina the chook relay should be an Olympic event!!! Hugs.

  23. Loving the glimpses you've been able to reveal so far but must admit to looking forward to the big reveal as well! Mmmm a chicken race? must be a state thing? Glad to hear everything is starting to work itself out and hope it continues positively for you in the future as well, all the best :) Barb.

  24. Looking forward to your big reveal Michelle! Fun at the Carnival can't be beat! Blessings to you and your Family xo


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