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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flying Visit

I thought I would quickly drop in and share some show and tell and my latest art finish.
Firstly my friend Sandra has this Christmas beauty ready to hand is so big it was hard to get it in the picture.
It is so beautiful and such a lot of work has gone into it.
My little Gingies seem to be stealing some hearts at the moment as Illene has made my table topper too. Thanks so much for sharing it Illene xx
I have been doing a lot of quiet stitching but I will share that next time.
My little cheeky meerkat "The Lookout" thought I would show you my finish....very pleased with him. It's about 11 1/2 inches x 16 1/2 inches and I used a Pan pastel background and Polychroma coloured pencils..
Halfway through..
Mr R. took this photo at the Dubbo Zoo but I have tried to make his surrounds a bit more natural.
The finish...
This little bloke never shirked his duty for a second!
Must fly! Have a lovely day,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hello Michelle,

    Thanks for sharing the ladies lovely work. Your Meerkat is amazing, I just love that animal.You have caught his character well.

    Happy days.


  2. Lovely quilt and Gingies Michelle. Boy your artwork is superb!

  3. Your meerkat is gorgeous, Michelle. I love the Christmas tree quilt and Illene's topper looks great.

  4. "Thank you for showing that gorgeous Christmas tree quilt - what a great design! love the Meerkat, as beautiful as all your animals. You have a gift, Michelle. xxx

  5. I love that tree - so much easier than the decorated kind!!!
    Your Meerkat is so life like...

  6. Trying to leave you a comment so you know I'm following you but......
    anyway love the cute you are so clever xx

  7. Some lovely projects made by others! Your meerkat drawing is gorgeous! I love meerkats...I think it was Dubbo Zoo where I first saw them in 'real life'...such fun little creatures! Of course I love those 'Compare the Market' ads...simples!

  8. Love your looks so real! Your friend's Christmas quilt is wonderful, and I like how the gingies have been set.

  9. I love your meerkat.. they are such little characters....

  10. Thank you for the show and tell. A lovely quilt and some gorgeous stitching. Love seeing your pictures too.
    It is amazing to see the amount of work that has to go into your artwork. Your meerkat is amazing.

  11. That Christmas quilt is beautiful, love the gingies!!!! Your meerkat picture is wonderful Michelle, well done!!

  12. Wow what an amazing quilt from Sandra and lovely version of your table centre from Illene. Your meerkat is just beautiful Michelle - so lifelike

  13. Your meerkat is fantastic Such a talented artist you are and did I tell you I love your designs xx

  14. The Christmas quilt is just gorgeous and your drawing of the Meerkat is just wonderful.

  15. Hi Michelle I love the Xmas quilt and omg your drawings are awesome,you are such a clever friend well done.xx

  16. I love Meerkats and your drawing is just gorgeous..

    Beautiful Christmas quilt and Illene's table topper is lovely.

  17. Another piece of wonderful artwork from your magic pencils Michelle.

    Christmas projects already! Some people are definitely organised ( I am soooo not in that class of people !)

  18. Love your Meerkat drawing. Just fabulous. Hugs,xx

  19. WOW... your friends quilt is stunning!
    Love the "soldier" too... he's wonderful!
    Of course everyone is stitching "gingers" they are gorgeous! Thanks for being so creative! xox


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