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Monday, April 6, 2015

FNWF and a Bit of Quiet Time

I hope whatever you are doing, however you are spending Easter that it is perfect for you. I have had a very quiet time which I have to admit to really enjoying. Friday night Cheryll  still hosted us for
I have been determined to get my Dresdens finished so there was more of this...
some unsewing on a few placements I was unhappy with and more of this..
By the time I went to bed I was on to the last side border...
I am very pleased to say on the right hand border now there are many more leaves, some flowers and the berries are cut out. So I am almost there!!!!! I am really looking forward to hand quilting this one. I think this is the first time that I have ever bought a range of something (I usually find it too bland without some mongrel fabric thrown in to give it a pop) and liked the finished product....perhaps using some other French General fabrics in the applique have helped. Anyway...smiling here! Thanks Cheryll for having us again xx
A little idea has been buzzing in my head for ages and as happens with me needed to be down on paper to give me some peace. All I can tell you is it involves some of my favourite people and things...
I also think my "Aviary" bargain buy from LGS may be an ideal candidate for it.
 I have to say that the Easter Bilby dropped by and left some goodies....
Some are still with us and some have disappeared down the bilby burrow lol!
Enjoy the rest of your Easter and if your travelling home take extra care.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Your Dresdens are looking wonderful. Can't wait to see the ideas that you had on paper and enjoy all the Bilby goodies.

  2. Hi MIchelle wow that quilt is looking awesome I love it,your work is always amazing,yes I can see that your mind goes a hundred miles per hr,lol,,good to see the billy has made a visit to your house,lol.xx

  3. Your quilt is stunning Michele. I look forward to seeing what you are currently scheming. Glad to see the Billy's called to your house. They are the cutest little creatures.

  4. Hello Michelle,

    Love all the detail in the dresden quilt, so much work involved especially as your are going to hand quilt.
    Let hope everyone gets home safely from their Easter travels.

    Happy days.

  5. Hi Michelle, beautiful dresden quilt there - love that colour range. Your secret sketching ideas look most promising. Yes I have been enjoying some choccie treats this weekend too. Have a great week Michelle xx

  6. Glad you have had some down time, we all need to rest and recharge from time to time. Your work, as usual is beautiful. Enjoy what's left of the Easter break.

  7. Your Dresden plate looks wonderful. Great job..
    Love the sneak preview looks very nice....bears and hexies...hmmmmm.
    I have enjoyed the odd chocolate too....xx

  8. Your dresden quilt is coming together so well. It is a lovely design. You are right about the fabrics.
    The Bilbys seemed to be a bit scarce this year. I had looked for some to send O/S but had no luck. Glad you found some.

  9. Your quilt is coming together beautifully. Great patience pays off. Love the sneak peek of your mystery project. Hmmm, could hexies be involved somewhat? I suspect that some cute bears are also play a big part in it. Glad the Easter Bilby stopped by and tempted you.

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. glad the little Easter Bilby stopped by. Your beautiful Dresden quilt is looking amazing. And some of my favourite little people being drawn by the looks

  11. Good old Easter bilby! Happy Easter, Michelle. xx

  12. New stitching patterns? Obviously there are bears, and I think maybe they're having a Tea Party?!?!?

  13. Love you Dresdens quilt. So beautiful. Hugs,xx

  14. I had a few go missing down the bunny hole, we don't have the bilby burrow. lol Beautiful, Beautiful Quilt.

  15. Your quilt is looking lovely...laughed about the Bilby burrow!!

  16. loving your quilt... it is going to be stunning .... I love the Bilby burrow .... I always wondered what happened to the chocolate eggs!


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