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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bit of a Sickie

Well I am a bit of a sickie today...really blah! I am cranky also because I get to miss stitching groups too! I don't want to share it. So I am sorting through my animal photos and cropping and discarding some. They have to fairly clear detail so some don't make the grade. I am being very cheeky here and asking if any of you lovely folks out there have any wildlife photos that you have taken and would give me permission to draw I would love them as it is difficult to come by lots of variety. They must be yours though. Thank you in advance and anticipation. You can just email them to me telling me I am allowed to draw them.
One such lovely person was our very own Chooky from Chookyblue  I gathered some inspiration for an old fence post and rusty barbed wire from some of her photos for my latest finish.
I have learnt an enormous amount on this piece and could not have achieved this finish on my own. ...thank goodness for a very clever teacher. Colour and achieving textures were big lessons.Also black is not black, it has so many other shades in there! Phew! But I just really love it! Being a huge "Maggie" fan it makes me just want to sing "Oh what a beautiful morning!!!" LOL! Yes, nuts I know!
I have started to burnish the baby orangutan and have had the error of my planning explained LOL!
It is great to have some one to ask...."WHAT'S wrong with it!!!!"
The burnishing takes hours! But so worth the effort.

Ok! you thought that this was a stitching blog didn't you??
I am very excited as I virtually have only some leaves and a couple of berries left to go on the Dresden's borders...
That little birdie in the corner is "THE END" woohoo!
Well that's me done, must get back to my photos.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Love your drawing, they are fabulous. Hugs,xx

  2. Would love to help with the wild life photos, but here at work today and scanned through photos on my phone. I have sooooooooo many of grandkids (one could say they are wild life - LOL), and dogs, but have also got some of sheep. On a recent trip from the NT, I saw a law goanna on the side of the road, but didn't grab the camera in time, sadly. Best of luck with the piccies, and hope you feel better soon.

  3. I do hope that you feel better soon. The magpie painting is magnificent.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are unwell. Plenty of vit c and some olive leaf extract? Love your drawings. You are very talented. Wooohoo! Your quilt is nearly finished. Looking forward to seeing it.

  5. sad to hear you are under the weather!
    Your magpie is magnificent! love the detail and his eye seems to have a twinkle. Your orangutan is wonderful too.
    well done on your applique. Not bad work for someone who is feeling unwell.

  6. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather....hope it passes quickly! Lovely drawing. I would love to be talented like that but my brother nicked all those genes!

  7. Michelle, your magpie on a fence post is fantastic! You are a wonderful artist - I can't wait to see what you do next..
    Hope you feel much better, very soon. xx

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love your drawings, the hours spent are certainly worthwhile xcx

  9. I love maggies too and your drawing is just beautiful Michelle - so very lifelike. Hope you're feeling better real soon

  10. We don't have magpies here but they do have them in saskatchewan so I get to see them when I visit and they are beautiful large birds . Your drawing is just wonderful . I will see if I have any wild life pictures you might like to draw :-)

  11. Forgot to say I hope you feel better real soon :-)

  12. Oh wow that is have made my pleased one of my pics was useful to you.......Is that one of the magies from the 3 on the fence in your earlier post?
    your drawing looks so life like........I can almost hear him singing away..........
    Cant wait to see what you draw next.....
    hope your feeling better.......

  13. I can almost hear him warbling away....

  14. Hello Michelle,

    We get woken up by a chap like this each morning along with Kookaburras laughing. Amazing detail in your work Michelle.

    Happy days.

  15. Sorry to hear that you are not well. It can be so annoying when there are things you want to do!
    Great to see the work on your pictures.
    Get well quickly.

  16. Wow Michelle you are so talented. Your drawings are so lifelike! Hope you are on the mend now!

  17. Hi MIchelle oh my your magic is gorgeous ,I am loving watching your progress ,I am really loving this quilt as well,you are so talented my friend and I hope you feel better soon xx

  18. I hope you are feeling better soon your drawing, the magie is so life like....and the little orang so cute!! Not long now with your beautiful quilt.

  19. I hope your 'sickie' didn't hang around too long :-( Love how your Magpie turned up - the post and barbed wire are a perfect sitting place for him. If you ever want any cowsheep, pig or horse photos I'll be happy to share some or take them! I haven't got many other wildlife ones!


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