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Friday, August 15, 2014

Show & Tell and Other Bits.

Happy Friday all. I have some lovely show and tell for you today. Friends Shez and Jeanette have been busy.
Jeanette has stitched "C" is for Christmas framed hexies table centre.
Jeanette also mad a little ornie too! Love it Jeanette and thanks for sharing your lovely work.
Shez  has been stitching her fingers to the bone making a Gentleman who is a favourite of mine "Walter" I named him after my father who has passed because I wanted him to be a part of what I do.
Shez has made several and it made my heart glad to see them.
I have with permission borrowed these piccies from Shez. Here they are in various stages of construction.
Shez is so clever with her photography. Thank you so much lovely ladies for sharing.'
The postie visited me AGAIN today and left me gorgeous parcel from Illene who is one of my lovely Birthday club friends. I received a beautiful piece of French General fabric and a very pretty Pink ribbon pencil ( which is very poignant to me)with a lovely card all wrapped up in gorgeous fabric...ohhh! How spoilt am I. I shall enjoy creating with my gorgeous new pencil.Thank you so much Illene...big hugs xx

I have been doing a little embroidery and it is a secret something for a secret someone. So ssshh!
And also another little bear block is quilted. I really like this little girl.
Tonight I will be joining all the other blogging ladies over at Wendy's for.
I have absolutely no idea what I shall be working on. I will decide when I get home. You see I have a date with the "Marvellous Katie" and her mission if she should choose to accept it is to turn yours truly aka as 'bush ratty' into 'city chic'. She does love a challenge. Thankfully for me. So if you have linked up too I look forward to stitching with you.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We will be close to home as Mr. R. has a big dose of the lurghy!!
Blessings and Namaste,
Michelle xxx


  1. So lovely to see your designs made up by Jeanette and Shez.. they have done beautiful pretty is your embroidery and teddy bear.... looking forward to seeing them...

  2. Everyone's projects are lovely. See you tonight!

  3. So many lovely projects. i especially like the teddy bear block you are quilting. Happy sewing Friday night to you!

  4. Poor Mr R, the lurgy is doing the rounds in our town too but we have both escaped so far! Your 'secret' project is very tantalising, and Young Miss Ted is looking gorgeous.

  5. Hope your transformation to city chic set you up well for a good night's stitching. Your quilted bear block is gorgeous and nice to see the other projects too - what an inspirational designer you are :-)

  6. Walter is a very stylish snowman, and I do love that bit of secret embroidery - lucky recipient? xx

  7. Beautiful projects I especially like Walter. Look forward to stitching with you tonight .

  8. That Walter of Shez' is to be mine
    A little something from both of you xx

  9. Your designs are always so uplifting.

  10. Great to see what the ladies are making. Wonderful work.
    Lovely your secret stitching on your spots!

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  12. Such lovely job the girls have done with your designs Michelle. I have a soft spot for Walter. Nice sneaky peak. Have a lovely weekend dear friend

  13. Hi Michelle I love your designs and I am having so much fun with making Walter and I love what Jeanette has made ,love y our sneak peek and your bear is pretty cute,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  14. Hope Mr. R is feeling better fast - my lurgy has been lurking for nearly 2 weeks now...

    You've been crazy busy it seems! Walter is gorgeous, and the stitchery is beautiful too. I love that people share with you when they've made something from your lovely designs.


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