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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Part 2 and Some Friendly Natives

Here I come with Part 2 ready or not. As I said we did lots of smaller walks one was out to Baloon Cave which features a smaller section of Indigenious art.
The walk along Mickey Creek was a favourite of mine too.
There were lots of lush ferns, rock pools and crevices to explore.
I was very taken by the beauty of the Rock Pool walk that we did from the Ranger headquarters at the park.
The reflections in the water were so gorgeous mid afternoon.
When we did the 14 km walk our last off shoot was to what they call the Moss Gardens and Violet Falls.
Water seeps from the rocks constantly and creates these hanging gardens of moss.
These are Violet Falls which is but a trickle because of the drought.
I felt really proud of myself after the effort of that long walk and thought myself done with the strenuous stuff but Mr R. then informed me that he really fancied having a go at the 960 odd steps (yep you read it right) that take you up to Boolimba Bluff to over look the Gorge. 300 metres of which is very steep and some ladders involved.Which also meant it was the same to come back down again. I hoped against hope that my silence would indicate my lack of enthusiasm for the idea....ah NO! So with heart in mouth off we set to walk the 3.2 kms out to the bluff and up these steps of which these are but a tiny few...
The view was certainly worth it after I recovered my breath.

I was cheering "Yay" we did it but I didn't count on the journey back down which was so much more dicey.
I had my cranky face on and was not favourably inclined to photos at this point and didn't know what he had to smile about when we could plummet to our death at any minute.
As you have gathered we made it down in one piece and appreciated the 6.4 km around trip a few hours later when everything stopped hurting.
I promised you some of the furry and feathered friends we got up close and personal with. This kookaburra really wanted to join us for lunch...
He watched us every day from his nearby perch behind our van and allowed us to get quite close.
Currawongs serenaded us night and day and were very cheeky around mealtimes too.
These funny little Apostle birds kept us amused too.
We did see the elusive platypus many times but they are so quick and shy. We feel grateful we got some photos at all.
We had resident "pretty face" or whiptail wallabies very near our camp. Can you see the little Joey peeking out from her pouch?
We also saw lots of laid back Grey kangaroos just hanging out and relaxing.
they also did not seem at all nervous about our presence.
Every now and then a white cockatoo would make it's presence known with a loud screech.
Not long after we spotted a lone pelican just cruising along down the creek.
Everywhere we went butterflies danced along in front of us, landing and fluttering and taking off again...just beautiful.
As wildlife lovers we were just blown away by all we saw and encountered. Even as we drove along the road out to come home these crazy feathered folk ran across our path.
Phew! I think that is it folks and I promise next time some stitching. Thanks for hanging in there.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful photos. All that walking and climbing - doesn't that mean you can have an extra piece of cake?

  2. Wonderful photos Michelle, looks like you had an amazing time! So much wild life! That kookaburra must be used to being fed maybe? Well done on managing all those steps up and down!!!

  3. What a fabulous place...well except for those steps! eek!...thanks for the sewing chair travel...

  4. Looks fantastic Michelle. I am lucky to have a hubby that makes me do those walks as well......I often have a cranky face too.....but always worth it in the end!

  5. Spectacular amazing is our country....

  6. Spectacular amazing is our country....

  7. wow Michelle such amazing pics,i agree with Peg,we live in an amazing country,thankyou for sharing.xx

  8. What a beautiful place Michelle, your photography is fantastic.
    So glad you enjoyed it all,( even all those steps).
    Welcome back.
    Hugs R.

  9. beautiful scenery! Will you want to come home?

  10. Fabulous photo's. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Hugs, xx

  11. LOL! I love your "happy" face. Beautiful pictures of places and animals/birds. Don't you just love Australia!

  12. You did well. What gorgeous country. I want to go there. I want to see all those birds and kangaroos.

  13. wow Michelle, great photos but I am exhausted just reading about your trek...I think I would have my cranky face on too...but it looks like it was worth the walk...we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country...

  14. Lovely photos Michelle. The view looks well worth the walk. Love seeing all the pics of the native wildlife how lucky for you to see the platypus they are such beautiful creatures.

  15. Such an amazing place and gorgeous places to explore Michelle and the wildlife is unbelievable

  16. Just think how fit you are after your wonderful walks/climbs on your holiday
    Still not bored xx

  17. It all looks so beautiful, Michelle; the rock pool, the moss garden, the lovely views, and then: The Platypus! Brilliant! Not many of us will ever have the opportunity to take such a picture.

  18. Great post Michelle. You were very brave, I don't have a head for heights so not sure if I could have made it up those steep steps. Good on you. hugs......

  19. Love those is indeed a beautiful place!

  20. I pieced a quilt in the camp kitchen at Canarvon gorge, got a few strange looks but now when I look at the quilt I remember where it was made, a really lovely place and somewhere I'd love to get back to.

  21. Oh Michelle, I can see why you love it so's beautiful.....nature really does bless us with some gorgeous images doesn't she?......glad I could come along for the ride.....thank God I didn't have to climb those steps with you though...don't think my dicky knee would handle it!!!
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :o)

  22. I'm afraid I would have waited for dh at the bottom of the steps. These old knees would not have made the trip, certainly not without a very 'unhappy face'. THe hanging moss is beautiful. thanks so much for sharing all your photos. Living in the US, I've not encountered those animals.

  23. I agree Michelle. The climb up all those stairs was hard work but the coming down was positively scary. The area had been flooded just before we were there so those falls were an amazing sight. But boy the view! Amazing at any time.

  24. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures , I really enjoyed them and I didn't have to hurt at all ;-) hugs Sheila

  25. How big was that tree ! It looks absolutely massive !

    If Mr. P and I walked all those steps he would have been piggy backing me up (and down) I sincerely hope you rewarded yourself with a cocktail afterwards...

    Beautiful shots though ...all that wildlife !

  26. such an awesome place.. and you must be pretty fit ... I don't think I would have managed that walk at all... or those steps! the wildlife are just great...

  27. what a beautiful spot..........thanks for sharing.......

  28. More great photos, I really enjoyed them. How long did it take you to climb up alllll of those steps ?

  29. Sounds like you have had an amazing time.Rather you than me with those heights but spectacular views.

  30. I have enjoyed your visit to one of my favourite places. Lucky you to not only spot a platypus but get a photo too......they are normally so quick.

  31. It looks like some wonderful walks and gorgeous wildlife. Well done on the platypus pic! I have enjoyed sharing your travels.


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