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Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Pretty Mail & Stitching

The lovely Birthday Club ladies have spoiled me some more.
Gorgeous fabrics, lovely threads and Pat has knitted me such a pretty scarf. Thank you so much Pat and Sharon for my lovely gifts and wishes xx
My stash of French General fabrics is growing and looking so pretty...oh dreaming of the possiblities!
I have been quilting away on my last "secret" project and am making good progress.
I have also begun a little project with a bit of needleturn applique and stitchery....
I just love that pretty starry fabric!!! I may do a little more on it when I join all my on line friends tomorrow night over at Wendy's.
If you would like to join us you can sign up HERE.
This morning as I was having a little wander in the sunshine whilst finishing my morning coffee I noticed my very pretty pink geranium still had the raindrops from overnight on it's petals and they were glistening like diamonds in the morning sun.
Do simple things like that make you smile? Or is it just me? They make me happy and I am glad she caught my attention....and of course she is a "she" who else would wear diamonds so beautifully!
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. lovely birthday gifts Michelle,love your stitchery's,enjoy your day my friend,Namaste.xx

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Love your new goodies, enjoy. Geraniums are such lovely plants, getting rather a collection going here.
    Have a lovely day.

  3. What lovely fabrics, Michelle, the girls made great choices and the scarf is so pretty and will keep you cosy. Love your geranium too - my favourite plant, so sweet and old-fashioned.

  4. Reading your last few posts I see you have been receiving lots gorgeous FG fabrics and goodies from FQ club and your friends .
    Enjoy creating with them.
    Nice for the boys to go camping and give you some me time.

  5. What lovely goodies! Geraniums are supposed to be indestructible, but I managed to kill a rather nice one without even trying.

  6. Beautiful goodies there Michelle - your secret sewing looks gorgeous - love the colours :-)
    Yes I love geraniums too, they are such hardy flowers & I agree, they are a "she"

  7. LOVE LOVE the look of that Dresden, did you say it was a gift for me? Oh you sweetie! :-))

  8. I so love French General Fabrics Michelle...You got a nice stash there for your Birthday...Things like your pretty geranium are the ones that make me smile the most...Hugs Kate

  9. Lovely gifts Michelle and oh what to make with them all. Your lovely geranium looks so pretty with the raindrops on it - what a good photographer you are

  10. Lots of lovely fabric arriving at your place... those wonderful ladies in the birthday club have outdone themselves... but then again YOU deserve it! :)

  11. What lovely gifts you have received Michelle....

  12. What gorgeous goodies! You deserve to be spoilt! love those French general fabrics! Have a great weekend.

  13. Simple beautiful things make me smile too Michelle- I just need to pay more attention so I see them more often.

    You better hide that FG stash - its looking mighty tempting to me ...I may just have to pay you a visit...

  14. you are getting a lovely collection of fabrics and your projects are coming along so well...
    I love raindrops on flowers too... not much flowering here at the moment...

  15. More lovely birthday goodies! Enjoy.
    And lovely projects on the go.
    I have to agree that simple things are often the best and give a lot of pleasure.


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