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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Little Show & Tell

Today I have a bit of this and that to share. The first being the very sweet design "Life is Beautiful" a free pattern from the very generous Stacey of Bakercourt  I have finished stitching the design
and I think I fancy a pretty cushion for it. Some nice fabric to go with it. I think it would be lovely propped up on a nice chair.
My friend Lorel has also been busy and has stitched my "Cupcake Capers" sewing set that featured in Homespun Magazine August 2013. Lorel has stitched her set in pretty lavender.

Thanks Lorel for sharing your pretty work.
All the binding is sewn on the 'secret' quilt and I am delighted to say I am basting the last project in this set ready for hand quilting.
When this is complete there will be a ton of instruction writing and a leap into unknown territory....I am both excited and a bit nervous. So folks indulge me a little longer please.
I am also proceeding with a couple of new projects that you will see later this year. Don't you just love a new thread colours and new fabric! I do.
Lastly I wanted to give you a little update on our little Erin for those of you who have been kind enough to ask.
I thought a little piccie might help.
Her Paediatrician is very pleased with her and her physical development is really improving. Blessedly her other development appears unaffected and she is a very big chatterbox (not sure who she takes after there lol) and a big personality.There have been no more seizures and we are hopeful that they don't come back but it is a day by day situation and we are very proud of how our Daughter is coping with an extremely stressful situation.

Every little improvement is cause for much rejoicing. Erin has taught us all that there is no time for the rubbish and petty things in life, that every moment is precious and the simple things in life really are the  treasures. If you have a healthy child you are truly blessed.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Your stitching is just gorgeous. Geez, you are so fast. I am looking forward to seeing your secret project. You sweet granddaughter is just precious.

  2. what a lovely post Michelle i am so glad to hear that little Erin is doing so well,and what a cutie she is,love your stitching and i also cant wait to see your project,namaste my friend.xx

  3. Good to hear that little Erin is doing well - I hope that continues. Your cushion will look just gorgeous when it's done!

  4. Great news about Erin, I hope she continues improving. Your stitchery is beautiful, it will make a lovely cushion.

  5. Such good news about your Erin...your projects are awesome Michelle....

  6. Fabulous news about wee Erin!
    Oh I can't wait so see the secret project, can't I have special treatment!! Tehehe........I can wait, looks amazing.

  7. Good news about Erin. Love all your projects. Hugs, xx

  8. Great news about Erin. When this sort of thing happens you really learn to not sweat the little things. Great sewing too.

  9. Erin looks like a little doll and she seems to be taking after nanna!
    lovely projects..

  10. Such great news about wee Erin Michelle - she looks a happy wee girl. Your new projects look beautiful - cant wait to see the big reveal !!! I printed off that free stitchery design as I just love it.

  11. Lovely work and it is great to hear Erin is doing well she is beautiful.

  12. Your stitching is beautiful, you finished it quickly! Poor little Erin, I know seizures are very worrying, I hope it is something she grows out of. She is a gorgeous little girl. xx

  13. Love the stitchery Michelle and can't wait to see the secret project.

    Cute photos of Erin and fingers crossed she continues to improve.


  14. Glad the quilt is getting closer for a reveal, it's like waiting for a friend to have a baby lol. Erin is surrounded by such love, bless her little heart.

  15. Such a beautiful stitchery Michelle and that is such wonderful news about Erin

  16. More lovely stitching and that quilt is looking gorgeous!
    So great to see Erin looking wonderful and enjoying doing everything a little one should do. That is great news.

  17. Love your Life is Beautiful stitchery and all the new projects you are tempting me with!

  18. So lovely to get an Erin update . I was wondering how she was going and man ! What a cutie she is.

    Your stitching is perfectly fabulous and will be wonderful as a cushion cover.

    And those Dresden’s have made an appearance again much to my delight . Cant wait to see the whole project. Whatever your secret plan is – Im sure it will be as fantastic as everything else you do

  19. what a little sweetie Erin is.... glad all is going well ...
    lovely stitcheries as always Michelle, you are certainly keeping busy... can't wait to see all these projects..

  20. Little Erin is too cute, happy for you with the good news of her progress. "Life is Beautiful" stitchery is gorgeous Michelle.

  21. Lots of lovely work being done there Michelle and what a gorgeous little cherub your Erin is xx

  22. Your stitching is beautiful, Michelle. Little Erin is certainly growing!

  23. Hi Michelle, so glad to hear that Erin is doing ok... looks like another beautiful design is almost ready to be revealed... can't wait to see it in full

  24. Dear Michelle,
    The secret quilt is lovely. I can't wait to see the whole thing. I have been putting fabric aside for it already. I just know its going to be great.

    I'm so happy your little sweetheart is doing well. God Bless her.

    Take care and God Bless,
    Aunt Bea


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