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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekend That Was

After feeling somewhat like we had a huge dose of cabin fever yesterday we decided on a spur of the moment drive. You know when Mr R. says a ain't just down the road!!! Warning! Long Post!
We just followed the bonnet of the car and we ended up at Spring Bluff not far from Murphy's Creek. We had visited not long after the 2011 floods and were shocked at how it had been damaged.
Spring Bluff is an old restored railway station. I thought I would show you what happened in the floods first. I am sorry they are a photo of photos...
It looked like this before the floods...
But I have to say it looks pretty amazing again now....
Mr R. relaxing before our afternoon tea up at the Cafe which is an old Queenslander...
Where a very delicious hot chocolate was consumed....
Inside on this branch sculpture a little female Fairy Wren flirted with the silver fake bird and kept us entertained for ages. Just when I got the camera out she decided enough was enough and out the door she missed her...
The grounds are lovely for a picnic or a bite to eat in the Cafe...they have their very own waterfalls....
In Spring the gardens are a picture and we noticed that they are all planted out ready to grow and bloom for the season. I was however smitten with this gorgeous Camelia bush.
Huge flowers!!!
A little Statis (I think that is right) was a picture too.
Roses never  fail to make you smile..
So for an impromtu visit, all in all a glorious afternoon. We were just so happy to see it looking so much better than our last visit. I hope you enjoyed coming with us.
P.S. I did do a little stitching....a spot of applique!
Have a wonderful week.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx
PPS. I have a new heading at the top of my blog called Art Journals where I have shared some of the pages I have been playing with. You are welcome to go for a little visit if you choose xxx


  1. Lovely day out Michelle! Boy the floods did some damage - nice to see it restored.

  2. How lovely! We went for a drive yesterday too, heading out to Hampton then the back road to Murphy's Creek, considering calling in at Spring Bluff on the way back up the Range. We decided not to, but how funny it would have been if we had and you had this strange woman staring at you... :D

  3. Thanks for the memories Michelle. We had a wonderful afternoon at Spring Bluff about 7 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed our late lunch at the little café.

  4. What a fun outing! I remember visiting Spring Bluff quite a long time ago, must be 10 or 12 was a very pretty spot then too.

  5. It's a lovely place... I was there a few months ago and it was great to see it so much better... wish you had sent a message and Hubz and I would have dashed over.... tut tut Ma'am....

  6. Hi Michelle what a lovely day you both had,tankyou for sharing,and I hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  7. What a pretty place - and I don't even know where Spring Bluff is! Very nice applique too. Happy days.

  8. This looks like a delightful day out. So good to see everything restored to normal at the station. It must have been a lot of work to get it there.

  9. Everything looks gorgeous. I am so glad everything was restored. What a shame those floods were. So glad y'all had a wonderful day.

  10. Wonderful day out , nice to see things have been restored and you could enjoy your time there . Your appliqué is lovely :-) hugs Sheila

  11. It's amazing how much it's transformed again since the floods. Such a lovely spot and the perfect place to head for an impromptu drive.

  12. Looks like a really nice day out. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a lovely place to visit. Sounds like you had a lovely day. xxx

  14. Lovely post. Wow the size of those camelia's....amazing!

  15. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  16. what a wonderful come on your trip with you.....hope Mr R didn't mind! Loved the view and so glad it's revived!
    xox sugary hugs :o)

  17. I loved our car trip together...but I guess I missed the hot chocolate part...
    Thanks for taking me along! :)

  18. Such a pretty spot Michelle. Can't believe how much damage done during the floods

  19. A lovely day out, there's nothing nicer than going on an adventure with your best friend! Pretty stitching and your art journal pages are gorgeous, you are a very talented lady!! xx


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