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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Nice Day Out and A Big Tidy Up.

Yesterday I took myself out for the day to visit my best friend Ann who now lives 2 hours away. We had such a lovely time and I loved seeing what lovely creations she has been making. Of course I had the camera handy. Look at this gorgeous box...
Inside are these beautiful tags.....ohhh loved it!
Loved this little box and tags too...
Can you see a little theme of interest on my know I love a pretty tag so I adore many!
It is so much fun to play in Ann's craft room....she has such cool things! Ann gave me lots of hints and help on how to embellish my art work and my mind is swimming with all these new ideas!!!
See those great ribbon racks? Ann's clever hubby made them and I got to bring one home..YAY!
I don't have quite as many as that!!
But they look oh so  pretty all together now. I am so grateful for my lovely ribbon rack.
I also got to meet and get up close and personal with Ann's Grand doggy who now lives with her. He is a retired Police Dog and is very fussy who he is happy to be around. We became good friends, Odin and I.
He doesn't look it in the photo but he is a big boy but so gorgeous and handsome.
I had such a lovely time with lots of laughs and talking, not to mention a delicious lunch. I am so blessed to have such a friend. When we are together it is like we saw each other 5 minutes ago.
Ok Today I could not put off facing the ridiculous and disgraceful state of my sewing room so I dived in almost literally. It has taken me the whole day and does look somewhat better with lots of throwing out and sorting for the op-shop.....clean and tidy shelves!!!! Yay!
Very weary here....
Furry Logic always says it so well!
Tonight if I can stay awake I am joining in at Wendy's for
Hopefully a nice shower, warm pj's and a cuppa will revive me and I can settle down with some quilting with all my on-line friends. Are you joining us?
I seem to have subjected you to another long winded post but daily small posts are just not happening around here lately so if you have hung in there until the end I thank you.
That's it from me, have a wonderful weekend all.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Wow, those boxes and tags are beyond Beautiful, Michelle. Hi to Ann from me; she is another wonderfully creative artist. No wonder you two are friends! Happy weekend xxx

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful visit getting to share your friends crafting too.
    Well done on your clean up.
    That little saying is so true.
    I felt a little like that bird today too!

  3. I hung in
    Beautiful crafts your friend does

  4. Such a clever friend, the boxes and tags are beautiful.


  5. So glad you had a fun visit with Ann. Is Odin a black german shepherd? he looks beautiful.

  6. what lovely work Ann does Michelle i can see why you enjoyed yourself,see you tonight.xx

  7. Lovely to spend the day with a creative friend. Those ribbon racks are an excellent idea....useful and beautiful. Your sewing room looks ready for a fresh sewing frenzy. Have a good night.

  8. Sounds like a lovely day with Ann. your sewing room looks very neat and tiday to me Michelle

  9. Now that your sewing room is so clean & tidy do you feel like coming and doing mine? Heh heh

  10. Ann certainly is a serious paper crafter...still compared to fabric stashes...well...what beautiful things she created.
    Tidying sewing spaces is a necessary evil...

  11. Beautiful Boxes Michelle, I can see why you love them and what a great idea for your ribbons....lovely post....and they are never tooooo

  12. Gosh MIchelle what beautiful boxes & tags. Isnt it just lovely sometimes to spend time with a fellow crafter & gain some fresh inspiration. I could feel your inspiration through your words. And my, those ribbon racks ... just gorgeous. I too need to have a serious tidy up in my sewing room ... my Mum is coming to stay ... always a good incentive. Have a lovely weekend x0x0

  13. Seeing all those gorgeous ribbons so artfully stored makes me want to run out and buy a load of them so I can do the same ( my rather poor ribbon stash is stored in large jars - nowhere near as pretty!)

    You go girl on the clean up - I always feel twice as creative when I tidy up and know where everything is . If that happens for you just imagine what you can get done - you're already a powerhouse !

  14. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your friend. Lovely boxes and tags. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Your day sounds perfect. There is always cleaning up to do but when in the sewing room it doesn't feel like such a chore.

  16. Goodness...that looks so neat and tidy...

  17. I can imagine you and Ann having a great time together. The ribbon rack looks great with all that colour.
    Ann's boxes and tags are lovely.
    I understand the room cleaning dilemma, but you really do need to make a mess when creating!

  18. Friends like Ann are diamonds! a jewel to treasure! Love the tags and the ribbon rack will be handy!

  19. a special day with Ann and I love her work too... of course I am very lucky to have some of it...
    great ribbon rack...
    oh gosh.. that bird said it so well...

  20. Ann's crafts are so beautiful, love your new ribbon rack! xx

  21. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend and also that you share an interest. My craft room desperately needs a big clean up but finding the time....


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