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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Show & Tell...

Well as I am tied to the computer today writing up pattern instructions...
and so nothing much to report on the stitching front I thought I would share some lovely Show & Tell from other clever friends.
Our very own Shez has stitched "B is for-" in lovely greens...don't you just love Hexies!
Love the Angels too by the way...
I am so glad so many of you have enjoyed this project as it still remains a favourite of mine. If you want to stitch it you will find it in Country Threads Magazine Vol 13 No 5. Thanks so much for sharing it Shez.
Next,  speedy stitcher Joy (no blog) our friend from Bundaberg has stitched an oldie but a goodie. It is a library bag I designed for Handmade Magazine...." Real Treasures are Found in Books" Look at how beautifully Joy has displayed it.
Thanks girls for brightening up my dull day of key banging.
Must fly as no matter how much I wish, the Instruction Writing Faeries are ignoring me so I best go and do it myself.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. i enjoy making up your patterns so much Michelle,i find them very relaxing to do,and you design such cute patterns,have a good day my friend banging away on those keys.xx

  2. I guess it's all part of the process......but I hope the instructions flow easily and you are back to your stitching soon.

  3. Hope the pattern writing is running smoothly for you today, Michelle. It is always good to see what others have made with your patterns, isnt it.

  4. Good luck on the instructions!! I also love seeing what other people do with your patterns!

  5. The hexies look great.. I love the angels too( have a thing about angels and rainbows!) Hope those fairies helped out in the end.

  6. Unfortunately there is always a tedious part to what ever we love doing. But always worth it in the long run.

  7. Good luck from me as well...always so nice to see your creations from the girls...

  8. What a beautiful projects, love those hexies.

  9. You have such talented friends !

  10. I see beautiful thing on your blog, i love hexies too.

  11. I might have to look up the pattern that Shez has just stitched as it looks lovely.
    I love what you have let us see in the sneak peek! I want to see more!

  12. lovely work from both of them....
    hope the pattern writing day went well...

  13. Lovely work by Shez, michelles designs are such a Joy to stitch. I am stitching A Christmas Tail and its a very sweet and very cute christmas design ,just thought that I would start early for Christmas. Keep up the wonderful designs Michelle you make us all so happy!

  14. Lovely work by Miss Shez!!! Pattern writing is slow, but means you can start another a new project!!!!


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