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Friday, May 17, 2013

Almost a Finish.

I have finished the stitching on the little rose stitchery that fell out of my sketch book a while ago already traced out....
Now to make it into a pretty little cushion using my "Highfields" rosy fabric.
For ages now I have been wanting to stitch the little Cupcake Angel out of my Stitchery Keepsakes Booklet which I had also traced out at the same time as the one above. So I have her in the hoop and have gotten to work on her hair.
I fancy making her into a journal cover that will be a pretty little recipe book just for cupcakes. Just need DD and her lovely handwriting to write out my fav recipes for me....mine is dreadful (I can draw just can't write lol). Watch this space.
As I told you in my previous post I have been doing a lot of instruction writing and you will be pleased to know that this little minis are now all written up along with 4 other new patterns ( you will have to wait for those)

I hope to have them printed next week...YAY!!! Two more patterns to write up. I think however I am going to do a Scarlett and "think about that tomorrow". My creativity has been in overdrive lately....definitely not complaining but not a lot of sleep happens when it comes a calling...and it is just that all the paperwork has caught up with me at once. I am hoping to get my Calendar Bears into the hoop next week now that they are all basted. So that will be nice and relaxing to hand quilt for awhile.
Well I wish you all a wonderful weekend no matter where you may find yourself. Dear Husband is having a birthday so if he is good we may have a cake. I may even bake....oh my goodness!!!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Nothing better than when the creativity flows. It must be wonderful to stitch your own sketches. Happy Birthday to your DH......I hope he gets a yummy cake.

  2. Don't get too carried away on the domestic front!!
    what a lovely set of minis - think I need to get a stand and make a few...

  3. well done Michelle those mini's are just gorgeous you have been very creative,love your work.xx
    ps happy birthday to Gary.xx

  4. I love your new header Michelle. I hope it is a new one or have I been asleep for a while! Happy birthday to your hubby. You have a lovely weekend too. xx

  5. so much lovely stitcheries ..... love the mini's....
    enjoy the quilting... and the baking...

  6. they are all beautiful Michelle
    I think mini's are going to take over the world!
    Love them...

  7. All the stitcheries are beautiful Michelle ... especially love the minis. Great that your creativity is flowing but I know what you mean about the not sleeping :-)
    Happy birthday to your hubby, my sons birthday tomorrow too, happy weekend, Julie xx

  8. I love all of your stitcheries, they just keep getting better and better.

  9. Your new stitchery is just beautiful Michelle. Yah that the mini's are finished and the patterns nearly ready to go - I have been waiting none too patiently lol

  10. When do you sleep Michelle? Such beautiful finishes, your designs are wonderful, love all of them. Got the mail. Thanks. Hugs....

  11. Wonderful creativeness and stitching going on Michelle! Hope your baking goes as well as your stitching and that hubby has a wonderful birthday!

  12. Adorable stitcheries, and your new patterns are soooo cute!
    Can't wait to see the others :)


  13. Great achievement with all the pattern writing. Sounds extra busy. Lovely to see there was some stitching time, too.

  14. Your rose stitchery is beautiful and your minis are gorgeous. You are a very creative and inspiring person, hugs Wendy xx

  15. Everything look fabulous. Love those mini's. Happy Birthday to DH. Hugs,xx.

  16. Beautiful stitching Michelle , you are indeed very creative and talented . Enjoy your weekend and happy Birthday to your hubby .

  17. Sounds like you have been very busy. Happy Birthday to hubby. mmmm cake that sounds so good right now.

  18. Hi Michelle, I love the Rosy Stitchery, and I'm looking forward to the patterns for the gorgeous Minis, you have been busy.
    Happy Birthday to Gary, enjoy a lovely weekend together.
    Hugs R.

  19. Nice, all of it. The rose looks very pretty and will make a gorgeous cushion.
    Cute mini's. Frosty is definitely visiting here which is perfect timing as we head into winter.
    Enjoy the cake.

  20. Again so lovely stitchings, love that cupcake angel !!!

  21. Love the idea of having a book especially for cupcakes and love the idea of having a cupcake angel stitchery adorning that recipe book. Genius Michelle!

  22. It is wonderful to feel inspired and all those ideas rushing around cause quite a buzz, glad it is slowing down a bit, and that you are getting through the real world stuff as well, not quite as fun :) Hope hubby has been good, cake is quite an incentive :)


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