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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Candles to Blow Out

Last night we went out for an early dinner to celebrate a special young man's 5th Birthday. Our eldest Grandson.
It's very thirsty work being the Birthday boy and turning 5 (love the cheeks) . It is also thirsty work being almost 3 and helping your cousin celebrate.
Thank goodness apple juice comes in big sizes. It was all good fun, great dinner and the chocolate cake was delicious.
Cutting the cake with Mummy and Daddy's help and his mate, his younger cousin watching proceedings. So much cuteness at one table...I know extremely biased Nana here.

I have been missing the last few days as I have been in top gear getting all the hand quilting done on my
"Strawberry Fields" quilt as it is now officially known as. Yesterday afternoon I put in the last stitch.
Yippee! Woo Hoo! are just a couple of words that spring to mind. I adore hand quilting but the weather has made quilting this one a bit of a trial so I am glad it is off my lap. Now just the instructions to do and then it will be shipped off and you can see it in all it's glory a little later on in the year.
I have today indulged myself in reading all day non stop. My newest book is the first of a series of three my friend Bev introduced me too. They are written by brilliant Aussie author Joy Dettman and I literally could not put it down until I finished it and then immediately picked up number two which I also had to tear myself away from to write this post.
It is one of my most favourite things....having a book you cannot put down.
I hope you have had an enjoyable I'm off back to my book.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. such cute GS's Michelle and such lovely family photos,cant wait to see your strawberry fields quilt,enjoy your reading Michelle.xx

  2. Great family pics Michelle. Your quilt looks very nice too. Sharyn:)

  3. Five certainly is a very cute age, and what a cake! Good to hear you've finished your quilting, and rewarding yourself with a good read.

  4. Five is a very important age! Must check if the library has that book.

  5. Great photos Michelle, the cake looked amazing. Can't wait to see your quilt.


  6. I do enjoy all these special birthdays. happy Birthday to your grandson!!
    Congrats on getting the quilt finished. It's beautiful work. It was definitely worth the effort.

  7. What fun you have had this weekend Michelle. Cute pics of the birthday boy! I can't wait for Strawberry fields to make is debut!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. Looks like a very yummy cake! Can't wait for the reveal of your Strawberry Fields!

  9. Maybe a little bias showing there- but all in a good cause!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet little grandson . I love the cake , wow , that is incredible. Congrats on finishing your quilt I am sure it was not easy to hand quilt in the heat . Enjoy your book. Hugs Sheila

  11. looks like a great birthday celebration. Super cake!
    Well done on finishing your hand quilting. Now you can dedicate yourself to reading-guilt free.

  12. Happy birthday young man. That cake looks fabulous (and very yummy!)

    Oooh I love the border on Strawberry Fields – very swish.

    You deserve some down time after finishing that project. Read on !

  13. Nana/Granny/ whatever's are supposed to be biased... its our job.... happy birthday go GS... great to get the quilt done... I must see it sometime... so long since I have got lost in a book....

  14. Such cute boys, I love the cake.

  15. Love having those days of sitting reading a good book. That one looks good too.
    Happy 5th birthday to your GS. Looks like a fun celebration, and a cake that would be very popular with the young fellas.

  16. You have reason to be proud of your precious Grandsons Michelle, and that cake looked fantastic.Also your hand quilting is amazing.My sister introduced me to Joy Dettman's books, I have read all of the "woody Creek"series,and several of her other stories, I get them from the library,where there is always a waiting list, they are so popular. Hugs R.

  17. Happy birthday to your grandson !! I love his picture !

    The border of the strawberrie quilt is so nice, that doesn't look easy to me.
    Have fun reading !!

  18. Love that birthday cake. Congratulations on finishing Strawberry Fields, can't wait to see it.

  19. What a cute cake....and I spy Buzz Lightyear there on the side...he's a favorite of mine...we go way back.
    I love books like that, one just has to keep on reading....
    Mama Bear

  20. The cake looks fantastic. I'm sure he had a great day. As a Grandmother you are allowed to be biased. Strawberry fields looks great. Anyone who hand quilts has my admiration.

  21. I adore those kind of books too - my trouble is I tend to stay awake half the night reading!
    Gorgeous family celebration and that is a very special cake for a special five year old.

  22. Lovely family photos and another gorgeous cake! Enjoy your reading.


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