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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Applique Time

I am starting to applique the flowers on the "Faerie Bear" strip. I like how it is looking. I did however forget how long it takes to applique one of these. I only got one and a bit done last night before bed at 11pm.
Poor bear is looking a bit like me.... a bit wrinkly in this photo. At least she will smooth out after a bit of a press unlike me LOL!

So lots more applique to come.
Yesterday I had placed in my hot little hands the 4th book in the Woody Creek series by Joy be honest I have been hanging out for it. Yay!!! Now I am too scared to open it as I KNOW nothing else will get done until it's done. Plus also found out there is another in this series....oh my goodness!

Lastly but by no means least I wanted to tell you about my lovely blogging friend Karen at Sunburnt Quilts I received a lovely gift from Karen in the post after admiring these little sweeties on her blog.
If you pop over to Karen's blog you can see them in all their gorgeousness. Aren't I lucky. I really feel the need for a little rustic white tree with some of these hanging on it. Of course some for the grandies as well.
Karen tells me the "Sewing Connection" stocks these cute patterns as well as 2 other lovelies by Karen.
I think they are just adorable. Thank you so much Karen.
I am now off to 'hunt & gather' for the next week....imagine if you didn't have to eat. I would be thin and drowning in piles of fabric purchases. But then there would be no TimTams...hhmm!
Thank you also for the wonderful response I have had to my "Stitcher's Alphabet". You gladden my heart.
Enjoy your Thursday,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. This is a gorgeous bear, will be a very nice quilt when its finished.

  2. gorgeous stitching Michelle,that why i only read magazines as i cant put a good book down,lol.Love the easter decorations i had admired them also on Karen's blog,have a good day my friend.xx

  3. Ooo can't wait to see the Faerie Bear finished. So cute. Hugs,xx.

  4. Your bear is so cute Michelle. The Easter pattern is gorgeous too.

  5. I love your Faerie Bear it's going to look gorgeous when finished.

  6. Your little "Faerie Bearie" is really cute!

  7. Your bears are just beautiful Michelle - just love your work. I am glad you are a reader too as I love to read - its good escape time from my busy mind & great for at night when my eyes are too tired to do stitchery work :-)
    Happy stitching & reading - Julie

  8. Great projects Michelle. I bought some choc orange and Turkish delight Tim tams on Tuesday in 5 biscuit packs, yummy. Sharyn:)

  9. Love the bear and the Easter pattern
    Michelle. Got the booklet, it's wonderful. You are so clever. Hugs.....

  10. Ohh love the bear already I also love to applique, it's so much fun !
    You got a very nice present from karen.

  11. G'day Michelle. Your applique is just lovely. Take care. Liz...

  12. Faerie Bear is looking gorgeous Michelle.

    I think you should invent a human pressing machine that will make us all look 20 again!

  13. lovely progress on your Fairy bear applique. Looking so cute.
    Karen's little easter eggs are gorgeous.

  14. Cute bear even if there are a few wrinkles ;-) you always make me smile with your posts , you have a great way with words . Love the little pattern they should be fun to stitch up. Hugs Sheila

  15. Such a beautiful bear and I really must try a little project with needleturn one day as it is such a great finish.


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