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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In Our Neck of the Woods

Saturday we had an early birthday celebration for our son as he is in hospital today for it after undergoing major surgery. Not a fun way to spend your birthday. it was a great family day full of noise, chatter, kids, very nice food and laughter.
We of course had to have cake.....and cupcakes even better!
It's always good to have help blowing out your candles...
and doing a bit of a taste test...yep! All good!
Thanks Aunty Melissa for the piccies!

Happy Birthday ya lots xxx
On the sewing front, lots of quilting still and a little bit of red work. I haven't stitch this one for a very long time and I am really enjoying it.
When I visited Fiona up on her mountain, she was telling us she was off the air with computer issues and how awful it was. We all commiserated and teased her just a teensy bit.....I got home and.... my tablet had died lol! That'll learn me!! Much moping took place.....and then...
My lovely husband bought me a very early birthday gift (secretly I think he was sick of looking at the saaad face lol) is so nice and takes piccies too! Yay! I was never totally happy with the one before but not knowing anything about them....but I now know this one!
Isn't she pretty? Yes I know that is just the case.
Thought I would tease you just a little more about the "Michelle's Secret Stitching Long Term Project".....won't be too much longer!
Intrigued???? I hope so! LOL!
I hope if you are here in Oz that you are managing to keep snuggly and warm. It's blowing a gale here today.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Happy birthday and hope that the surgery went well.

  2. Hope your sons surgery went well Michelle & he makes a good recovery. Your new tablet looks great = as does that secret gift parcel, beautifully wrapped up & waiting . . . Yes I am intrigued

  3. Lovely to be able to have early birthday celebrations with all the family for Lucas and so glad all went okay. That early birthday gift from Mr R looks pretty special

  4. Best wishes to Lucas, and fingers crossed for the best of all possible results, Michelle. And Happy Birthday too, of course. What lovely family pics you have shared. Thought of you this morning when I was tracing off a few of your patterns :) xx

  5. Sending positive energies that all is going/went well with your son's surgery

  6. No matter what always great to be able to get together and celebrate with family.....

  7. No matter what always great to be able to get together and celebrate with family.....

  8. Prayers and positive thoughts for your son and congrats on the new tablet...sure has a pretty cover!

  9. I hope there will be a good outcome for your son's surgery, not the sort of birthday present we would give ourselves?
    Lovely pics with the kiddos too.
    HOw lucky to have a new toy to play with.

  10. Wishing only good things for you son Michelle, cupcakes always make you feel a little better. Nice pressie your hubby sure is a keeper..

  11. best wishes for your son. The cupcakes look does the stitching!

  12. I hope everything goes well for your family the new tablet cover......probably because its the same as mine and we all know that a red one will go

  13. Well, if you have to be in hospital for your birthday it is definitely better to have had cake beforehand. Happy Birthday to Lucas.
    Lots of playing to be had with that new tablet!
    Too cold to even consider going outside today.

  14. Lovely birthday celebrations Michelle. Best wishes for your son for his surgery

  15. How wonderful Lucus was able to celebrate his birthday early with all his favorite folk. Best wishes for his surgery.

    As always you are doing some lovely stitching.
    Pleased Hubby bought you an early BD present. Not nice having no communications..

  16. Such a lovely family, hope Lucas recovers very quickly. Beautiful new gift, lucky you.

  17. Hi Michelle ,so glad Lucas is okay and how nice to have all the family help him celebrate his birthday .Cant wait to see your secret project,hope you day is a good one my friend xx

  18. All the best for Lucas.
    Lovely case for your new toy...

  19. Well done to DH ... wonderful gift.... such a special celebration with Lucas.... can't wait for the big reveal...

  20. Best wishes for you son Michelle, hope all went well.

  21. Happy Belated Birthday to Lucas. Hope everything has gone well surgery wise.

    Enjoy your new toy. I got a new Ipad a few weeks ago to replace my older one and Im as much in love with the new one as I was the former one ( which my Dad is now getting addicted to )


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