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Friday, May 22, 2015

Organised Chaos....Sort of!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. I am having a day of trying to get myself in some sort of order....I have decided that even though I cannot help being a multi-tasker and often quite like it, the adrenalin rush of meeting deadlines etc. sometimes I end up in a mess. I seem to have bits of everything everywhere and as I remarked to a friend...feel as if I have had one foot nailed to the floor and keep doing revolutions and getting nowhere! I have been involved in a large project which has taken up an enormous amount of my time and rendered me a tad loony! What ! You didn't notice any difference??? So after a bit of a chat to myself yesterday I started to get stuck into sorting out my projects into some kind of order....
I got quite near the finishing line with this one. Only the stitchery was done and the pieces cut out....I hope to make more progress today.
As I have gotten so far behind in my Country at Heart Alphabet stitching I decided to trace out the remaining letters all in one go ready to pick up and stitch....two more little stitcheries to draw up to make it even for a quilt. Phew! This took some time! From "G" through to "Z" plus some extras. But they are all ready now. Feels like I am getting somewhere.
I also at stitching group on Wednesday appliqued some more little hexies to their background....getting a little pile now.
After a stern word to my new drawing project Mr. Meerkat and some "don't be a wuss" words to myself, I began putting the first layers on him.
He still may get a face lift with the electric eraser yet! They are the funniest little people to try and draw....still love them though.
I also decided instead of staring at rubbish on the television I would finish a lovely book recommended to me by friend Jan...thank you! Loved it!
I feel a lot better having put a few things in order and hope to keep up the momentum...note I said hope lol! Quiet time for me is on the agenda too!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I will leave you with a piccie..."just because I like it" which is becoming my new mantra! Watch out! You never know what might take my fancy for a cuppa!
 Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Michelle, I like your picture too! Yes, I know just what you mean - sometimes it feels as though your life has taken on a life of its own and is running away with it......

  2. What a busy day! Love the picture at the end. xx

  3. It's great to take stock Michelle and get into order! That book was a lovely read! Enjoy your weekend...

  4. Always good to try and get sorted and organised...clears the head...I try but it doesn't seem to last for long!! Lol!! Your meerkat is looking good.

  5. Getting sorted does help. :). Think I'll have a cuppa too. Hugs, xx

  6. My goodness you have so much on the go, wonder you felt it was time to take stock :-). Love your meerkat drawing and the stitching projects look wonderful xx

  7. Maybe I need to do that too Michelle. Need that pile on the couch sorted. You sound completely organised to me. Your meerkat is going to be just as gorgeous as your mumma possum I think

  8. You accomplished a lot... and I enjoy seeing all your projects. The table setting is to die for.

  9. Is that an Anni Downs fabric I see hexed? Curious and curiouser. Love your petite flower hexies. I tend to trace a few stitcheries each time I get my light box out. Tends to save time when I am on a roll just wanting to keep stitching. Cute meercat. Is that a new book of Monica's? Must check it out myself. Have a lovely weekend. I am off to see my daughter's first wedding dress fitting tomirrow.

  10. Well done! It is amazing how a bit of pressure makes us get organised. Lots of lovely projects ready to go. And I hope you enjoy that book - I did.

  11. Glad to hear you have managed to pull that nail out of your foot :-) And I hope your organisation sees you through the weekend! Your Meercat is gorgeous, they look like they have such character, don't they?

  12. love the giant hexagons and also the tiny little fussy cut ones..... happy chaos organising... breathe deep!

  13. Looks like you tamed your chaos rather nicely Michelle. I’m doing the same thing myself today but not just in the sewing department – I have a rather grubby house calling my name.


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