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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert

Last night a wish I had held dear for quite some time came to fruition. Some friends introduced me to this book....
and I have to admit to having read it several times along with the Authors other books. I have discovered that you either love it or hate it. I am obviously in the first category. So I was delighted to accompany my friend Janeen (fellow Yoga sister, Yoga & Art teacher, beautiful artist and all round wise woman) to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak about Inspiring Creativity at the Powerhouse Theatre at New Farm.
Elizabeth was witty, charming, funny, insightful and truly inspiring. It was wonderful to listen to her creative journey and process. Don't you just love it when some one you admire turns out to be so much more in real life. Janeen and I had a brilliant evening and came away very inspired. The other bonus of the evening was Aussie comedian Tom Ballard giving us his unique insight into writing creative comedy...fabulous!
I also have in my hot little hands Elizabeth's new novel which I can't wait to disappear into.
This just topped off a lovely day I had with my stitching friends earlier in the day held at my friend Kay's home...lots of chat, yummy food and some stitching was done. I worked on my Dresden plates as I don't want to neglect them as I am very close to getting them finished for these little beauties that seem to be multiplying!
I have started to prepare the backgrounds pieces as I want to start joining them before it gets to big a job.
Well as they say "that's all there is folks"
I wish you all a wonderful day,
Namaste & Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Lucky you , it must have been very inspiring to listen to Elizabeth speak . Your blocks are gorgeous !

  2. Oh it sounded wonderful!!Lucky girl!
    Love the new blocks...they will make a gorgeous project I'm sure! :)

  3. It sounds so wonderful and very inspiring..... the blocks are coming along gorgeous

  4. Love the paper pieced blocks... hope you are feeling better xxx

  5. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time, and found it very inspiring - we all need inspiration at times, don't we! Those blocks will take over your life soon, you know.......

  6. How wonderful to have the opportunity to meet someone you admire so much. So good that she lived up to your expectations. That made it a great day!
    Love seeing your stitching progress, too.

  7. sounds like a lovely evening. I loved the movie based on her book. Love those blocks. Hugs,xx

  8. Great to hear you had a wonderful evening! The blocks are beautiful!

  9. sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am loving the Lucy Boston blocks... love the colours

  10. I am in the love it category too. What an exciting night out. Love your blocks, great colour choices.

  11. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring post. Your POTC blocks are looking lovely., great progress.

  12. I have also heard that the book is a great read! Have not read it yet thought. Your Dresden plates are looking fabulous!!!
    Barb :)

  13. Wow what a buzz that would've been,love those blocks,gorgeous Michelle well done.xx

  14. It's always a thrill to meet someone you admire. Im so pleased you had a good time meeting one of your idols and came away inspired.

    Everytime I see those gorgeous blocks of yours I think about swapping them for my next hand project and then like Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect I think ..."Nah - better not" . I'll just admire your spectacularly beautiful work instead.


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