Friday, December 19, 2014

New Little Tree & FHFS Day 6

Good Morning everyone.....sooo much cooler here today after yesterday's storm.
Remember I said a couple of posts ago that I needed a bigger tree for my Blogging friends ornies? Well whilst I was visiting Ann her lovely hubby (maybe bribed with choccies...not admitting anything) gave me one of the wooden trees that he makes for Ann. I love them and already have one which is filled with my wooden hand painted ornaments. It was unfinished but that was absolutely fine with me. So yesterday I set to work.
and although I could not buy any spray gloss finish anywhere and decided I would do that before I pack it away, it came up a treat.
It is now beautifully dressed with my blogging friends gifts and looks wonderful!
Thank you so much Mr. H. you're a champion! What do you think?
Once again I received a beautiful hand made card from my friend Ann. I treasure these and have them all.
Ann's gift was so neat...3 special glass cylinders with a recess for a candle in the top. You can decorate inside the cylinders to suit the occassion. I have decorated only two because I could make them match.
Aren't they lovely! The candles are cinnamon and even without lighting them the scent is delicious. I am saving the other one to pop all my crystals in...well you know I am a card carrying that should not come as any surprise to you.
Day 6:
Being a Jim Shore fan my heart more than skipped a beat when I opened Day 6.....Oh My Goodness!
It is handcrafted and features a scene of Santa and his sleigh skimming over the rooftops. A very special gift indeed. Thank you so much knew I would adore it! I shall always treasure it.
The postie bought me some lovely mail too but I shall share it tomorrow.
I cannot believe another week as flown by and Friday is with us. I am joining Wendy  and my other on line friends for our last..
for the year. I am going to be working on some applique on my FG Dresden Plates quilt. This is my summer, just for me project.
Have a lovely weekend all.
Love this ladies artwork...beautiful!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Little Roadtrip and Days 4 & 5

For all my lovely overseas friends I thought you might like to see some photos of our beautiful Queensland coastline. Yesterday I went on a bit of a little roadtrip to visit my bestie Ann who lives up at the Sunshine coast for Christmas hugs and to check on how she was doing after recent surgery. I also snaveled some piccies of Ann's decorating (lots of piccies folks). Thought you might be a bit bored with mine.
First I swung by Coolum beautiful!
This is specially for those of you who are a little bit chilly right now to warm your thoughts..
Glorious white sand and the headland too!
This lovely lady (preparing me a delicious lunch)
in my opinion (we differ here)is absolutely to blame  for getting me so totally hooked on all things Christmassy many years ago. She says it was the other way around! Want to see a liitle bit? Gorgeous tree...
Oh wait! Then there is the 'handmade' of my favourites!
Ann is very widely travelled (hence my lovely collection of overseas ornies) so has some exquisite pieces..
Who doesn't love Santa helping with the baking?
Now this tree, if I could have got out of the house and away with it I would have  lol!
A beautiful wire tree.
The tree and all the gorgeous cross stitched ornaments are gifts from another friend and severe Christmasaholic Sherri!
I Love the entry display above. There was much much more....
So nice to sit and remember outings had together where treasures were bought, oohed and ahhed over and times when we made treasures together....I had the best day. Sometimes you really are blessed and the day Ann and I became friends is was one. I hope you enjoyed my little road trip and are still with me....
Because I am continuing to be spoilt by gorgeous Keryn....
Yesterday this little fellow came to stay...
He knew exactly where he wanted to spend Christmas and I could not argue with his thinking!
this morning this adorable little person popped out of here..
Too cute for words....
These little fellows are handmade by Keryn. I feel so lucky to have some of her beautiful Christmas folk at my house now. Thank you xxx
Ok I now go and leave you in peace,
Have a great day all
You know "it is not the presents you receive during the festive season but whose presence you share it with"
Namaste and Blesssings,
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FHFS Day 3, Nice Mail and Something Different.

Good morning everyone. Today when I dived into my box of goodies this one jumped into my hands.
Inside beautiful threads and a length of gorgeous fabric that would make a perfect table runner.
That thread on the right is just so Christmasy....the photo doesn't do it justice. I am going to have to think of something extremely special for this gorgeous group. LOVE!!!! Thank you Keryn xxx
I also received lovely mail yesterday...
a lovely "gingie" card and great magnetic bookmark from fellow "gingie" love Joy....
Thank you Joy it will be perfect for my Summer reading xxx
I also received the sweetest teeny tiny Angel from Liz from Village Quilters and a beautiful Dresden Plate card...
Thank you so much Liz...she is lovely xx You are all so very kind.
A little purchase that I made a while ago and been languishing in my cupboard and so I decide yesterday to have a little play.....coloured pencils! I had some very inferior ones from years gone by and decided to buy some "Artist" quality ones (sounds very highbrow doesn't it lol) but they were lovely to use.
Now the subject I decided would be something festive and what better than one of my favourite things.
The blending and shading need a lot more work but I am sure there are ways and means when you explore deeper....anyway it all amounted to FUN!!!
I am off to do some making of applique templates as I am going to play with my Deux Rouinerres Dresden Plates border.....some little birdies involved!
Remember to hug those you love.
Michelle xxx

Monday, December 15, 2014

FHFS Day 2

Day 2: I dove into the box of goodies and chose this one..
Inside the wrapping was a smaller version of what all the gifties came in...
Nestled inside the cute little box was a very cute little person waiting to surprise me..
One of Keryn's gorgeous little reindeer ornaments!
He is already gracing my little friends tree...
Thank you Keryn...I love him xxx
I wish you all a wonderful week.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Day 1

Today is the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas swap for FHFS...and we get to open 1 gift. My partner is the very Christmassy little Elf Keryn from Christmas Creations When I received my beautiful parcel Keryn requested I open my last gift first (the big one) So I asked our lovely "Queen Elves" for permission and they granted it. So.....
this lovely parcel was unwrapped (maybe ripped to shreds...not admitting anything here) to reveal this most
GORGEOUS table topper...
and it is just full of delicious French General goodness!!
Thank you so much Keryn for all your hard work and thoughtfulness and for letting me feel very naughty opening the biggy first! See I knew I was on Santa's "Nice" list after all!
You know a bit like when you were a kid and you unwrapped all the chocolates had a bite to see what flavour they were and then wrapped them up again! NO! You didn't do that....oh dear! I have shared to much then haven't I LOL! I am off shortly to rearrange my dining room table to show my new topper off to advantage and I am also constructing pledges "that all great care will be taken" to be signed before sitting anywhere near it.Very Spoilt!!!!
Despite all this excitement waiting to open our parcels I have managed to get cracking on a new Magazine project.....just a sneeky!
Enjoy your Sunday all. R&R for me today!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Logan Art Gallery

Good morning all. Today after getting the old once over to make myself beautiful for the festive season I took myself on a date. I often do this as I enjoy my own company (yes I know strange, but I do). A very nice friend Jan told me about an upcoming exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery.
The exhibition was by super talented members of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc. You can read all about them Here 
You know how much I love wildlife. The exhibits were just stunning and I loved every second I was there.
So many talented artist's work to admire.
A lovely lady by the name of Gail Higgins got talking to me and I was admiring a lovely piece of work with Pigeons and it turns out they were Gail's and not only that she had won "Best in Show" for it. Gail was generous enough to let me take a photo of her with her gorgeous piece.
The detail was amazing. I was so inspired by all that I saw. It is well worth a visit to see the 60 + beautiful pieces of art. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to my friend Jan....I loved it as you knew I would!
We have a house guest for a couple of days.....yes Miss Sophie has come to stay!
There goes the neighbourhood! LOL!
I thought I would end my post by sharing with you one of my favourite very old Father Christmas's made by my friend Ann. I always look forward to putting him out every year...
I hope that you are taking time out to do something you love this weekend.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx