Sunday, February 14, 2016

Whatever Happened to Lucy??? For you Chooky!

Chookyblue and I have been having a chat about Lucy Boston. She has made some beautiful blocks and had some great hints about construction. I fessed up to feeling a little guilty about mine.
Would you keep a lovely lady in here...
SHAME on me because that's where mine are. I promised Chooky I would liberate them and show her where exactly I am up too.....
So.....4 blocks joined together...
1 block with border...almost! 4 completed blocks waiting for borders!
With advice from Chooky I have decided to drag myself into the 21st Century and actually glue baste these pieces...I then may have some chance of actually keeping poor Lucy out of  the chocolate tin! She may even become a lap quilt rather than a table runner lol!
Thanks so much Chooky xx
My dilemma over to 'keep the heart' or not has been resolved on the Hexie UFO (must think of a name) I replaced it with a small hexie and I feel now there is more cohesion and I feel much happier with it. Such a small change but it made a big difference.
Must go! Cuppa and break is over...back to "THE PURGE" of very, very old and unwanted magazines!
If you celebrate.....

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Visitor and Retail Therapy.

Yesterday I caught up with my blogging friend  Liz from The Village Quilters.  We drove down to the Bay and popped in to a couple of my favourite spots at Cleveland.
Firstly here...
Joy was on duty to help us (lead us astray!) Joy and Liz...
Lots of lovely things to ooh and ahh over.
I suddenly heard 'French' whisperings in my ear.....
these  beautiful French General fatties leapt into my bag!
Joy also suggested I try these french needles for my needleturn...BOHIN. I tried one! Loved it!
See that beautiful Lavender hand cream....I can't visit here..
without bringing some I didn't! Such a gorgeous visiting! After a cuppa I took Liz on a little visit to the old Lighthouse at Cleveland Point and to look at the bay. It wasn't at it's best, choppy and overcast.
Thankfully the tide was in....
but it was blowing a gale....poor Liz nearly got blown off the block! But we still got a little wander in and checked out the views.
We had a lovely day even if it was a tad warm and humid away from the water. Thanks for coming Liz x
I am being very brutal with a lot of my magazines and am half way through a big I must get back!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Good morning to you all. I hope you are all well in your little corner of the world.
Progress is being made on my Hexie UFO. The top applique border is done. I am reluctant to add anymore to it as the middle will be quite busy when the little hexies are appliqued on.....nothing is attached but you get the idea. I am a  little unsure still about the heart and don't know whether to leave it or not???
One set of berry birdies is repeated on the bottom border....
and wiil have 2 little hexies either side. The side borders will have small hexies appliqued on also with a red border fabric hexie in each corner....
So this means lots more little hexies...
I am hoping it is all going to come together nicely..... if only I could decide on that top heart! At least it's looking better than it did lying in the draw!
My last 4 art classes and a bit of time at home have been dedicated to creating a special keepsake for myself. As you know I am a lover of all creatures great and small and have loved quite a few fur babies in my time but none quite stole my heart like the naughty little black Staffy pup my son bought home when he was a teenager....quite against my express wishes too I might add. I was soon totally smitten! He took up residence in our home and heart for 9 years. I was devastated when we lost him to illness and even though he has journeyed over the Rainbow bridge we have never gotten used to not having him with us or waiting to welcome us  home at the top of our stairs. I am sure many of you have connected in this way to a special animal too. I really wanted to draw him but our photos of him were a bit poor for drawing purposes.  However I persevered and with advice and guidance from my teacher Sandra I was able to do it. This took many layers in the coloured pencils and lots of burnishing. ..probably about 15 hours plus the original sketch time. I am however thrilled to have his likeness down on paper and those who knew him say it's a good one...just need to frame him now.
My boy "Doc"
This was a labour of love.
Ok that's it from me this saying!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, February 8, 2016

Want to come for a Wander?

I had a lovely walk this afternoon with my Mister. We have been exploring a few other trails in the park where we walk....some are quite steep...great while you are walking down them...
but you have to walk back up them. Lots of puffing and panting take place! Still we manage most days. It's nearly 4kms and definitely not a flat wander...not bad for a couple of old fogies, I think anyway.
It gets steeper!!! We had the cutest little wallaby perched on a rocky ledge watching us struggle up the path.
We were quite high and could see over to the distant mountains..
Even though things are a bit dry I love the ferny gullies and rocks.
We found an old tree that was probably a forest apartment block...
as there were several hollows and one had a very nice leafy nest...
I hope you enjoyed your little wander with me and weren't toooo bored.
A little bit of stitching has been happening. I needed a little break from Blessings so I got to work on the applique on the border of Hexie UFO.
It is coming along nicely. I seem to be doing a lot of needle turn of late. Love it!
Today is a special day. Our eldest Grandson is celebrating his 8th birthday. He is growing up so fast.
he celebrated with a Lego party on Saturday and today with cupcakes for his classmates.
Happy Birthday and kisses xxx
Some of  my very favourite people were born in February!
Have a lovely week folks.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 7, 2016

FNWF and Catchups

Friday night was time once again for
Even though Cheryll was not at home she left the key under the mat and we helped ourselves to a fun night of stitching....virtually that is.
My efforts were another ring completed for the next block on Blessings....bit boring for you folks but quite enjoyable for me. Thank you CHERYLL for having us at your place again.
I also finished my February little Dresden block for
If you click HERE you can visit to see what everyone is working on this month.
This months colour was brown with pink as a highlight if you wished.

I am really enjoying these little blocks so far.
What a treat I had yesterday. My blogging friend Raewyn from Stitching Farmgirl in New Zealand made a flying visit to cuddle her gorgeous twin Granddaughters this weekend and we got to catchup for a cuppa. Lovely FIONA from Bubzrugz joined us too.

Raewyn has been stitching my Calendar Bears and bought her quilt to show me...
It is so beautifully stitched and Raewyn's quilting is so pretty and delicate. It was such a treat to see and I love that my little bears are loved across the ditch too in NZ.
We are all still wondering where the afternoon went as it just flew by in a flash....laughter and chat may be a clue. Lol!
Such delightful ladies. I so enjoyed spending time with them. It is still such a wonder to me the beautiful friends I have made through blogging.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, February 5, 2016

At Last!

It's cool enough to enjoy my coffee.
Oh and the  Tim Tams aren't quite so melty! Soooo nice!
I  have  been busy popping patterns in envelopes for the postman today.
All set to go....after my coffee I am planning on cutting and basting more pieces for
the next Blessings block.
Happy birthday and lots of love to  the dearest lady I know, my best friend Ann.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Well that was enjoyable....39 degrees C. and 96% humidity yesterday! Erk! Thank goodness we were at the Sanctuary yesterday for art....
and we had beautiful air con...nobody wanted to get up and leave!
My secret art project is nearing it's end....and I am quite pleased with it. A piccie later when it's completely finished.
I have been trying to be organised and work on Blessings in the evenings and Hexie UFO when I  get other spare time. I now have 1 whole row finished for Blessings...
I am loving lovely to stitch! On to No. 4 now.
Pondering and planning is still happening with Hexie. I have a rough drawing now and some little applique pieces cut out ready to go. I did iron those pieces truly I did!
I am still getting lots of inquiries about Calendar yes I have made a pattern.
The full pattern is now available from me. The cost is $17.00 AUD + postage if you are overseas. Paypal is preferred. You can email me at to order. Thanks so much for taking my little bears to your hearts x
While it is a fair bit cooler here this morning it is still quite steamy. I have some "domestic goddess" chores to see too and I am also doing a little designing.
After sharing special gatherings with friends over a pretty teacup last year it got me thinking.....that's a hint folks *wink*
It will be along the same lines as my Alphabets. Just pretty drawings for you to stitch in whatever manner you choose.  So watch this space lovely people.
Whatever you do today find a little joy in it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx